Great news for US/Asian Traders – HKEX now supported on daytradr™

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    At Jigsaw, we are always looking for ways that beginner traders can help develop their edge.

    One of the biggest issues for those in the US, is that there’s not much to trade in the US evenings when many people are home from work. A while back, we introduced the Mini Nikkei trading on Osaka Exchange which opens in the US evening. That’s a great market to trade but it’s on the lower end of the volatility scale.

    We are now happy to announce support for another Asian market – this time Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX). For those that have watched US Financial channels, you’ll have no doubt heard them talk about the Hang Seng Index and this is where the Hang Seng Index Futures trade. There’s 3 very actively traded markets on this exchange with volume well over 100k contracts per day.

    The difference between HKEX and Osaka is the HKEX is much more volatile. The daily range is in the 100’s of ticks. The tick value is also attractive for a beginner – $6.39 or $1.28 a tick. Very low, so you can trade live markets without taking on a huge amount of risk.

    Now – most traders will need to graduate from these markets to markets with a higher tick value but for a beginner, you have a real, volatile market to engage with, that has minimal risk. For more information, see the video below.
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    Which broker/ FCM from your network is offering HKEX ? Thx !
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    Philips & Quam are two I know....

    Trying to see if we can get a US based brokerage to list it at the moment.