Great News - AMP Futures Pricing Now as low as $0.15 per side!

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    To accommodate all of our customers trading styles, we have updated our pricing to go as low as $0.15 per side + fees!
    • NO Gimmicks
    • NO Fine Print
    • NO Limited Time Offers
    Just Cheapest Pricing!

    AMP's Exact All-In Pricing for all 60+ Trading Platforms >

    For Existing AMP Customers > Nothing needed from you. Your AMP account has been automatically updated.

    Please tell all your Trading Friends!!

    There is a risk of loss in trading futures, forex and options. Futures, forex and options trading are not appropriate for all investors.
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    NO Rebates Required > Pricing Reduces in Real-Time.

    As your monthly trading volume increases, your pricing automatically gets cheaper.
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    Yes, this pricing is universal - across all available 60+ trading platforms and datafeeds.
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    Yes, AMP's Cheap Pricing is NOT a limited time offer.
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    AMP = Huge Selection of Trading Platforms - 24 hour Real-Time Customers Support - Cheapest Pricing.
  7. NoBias


    Daily bumps?

    Gives the impression of desperation...
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    With pricing this low - For sure, we want to make sure everyone sees it :)
  9. NoBias


    Fair enough ...

    What is the "all in" cost per round trip excluding data fees's? i.e. Commission + exchange fees + any additional or undisclosed costs...

    ES, GC, CL, NQ
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    Unlike other brokers, that separate their commissions from all other fees such as Exchange, NFA & Platform and Routing Fees – AMP has combined all the fees into this Simple, Easy to Use Exact Cost Calculator. This will be the Total All Fees Included Cost you will see on your AMP Trading Statement.

    Please follow this wizard to view the Exact All-In Cost for your preferred trading platform:
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