Great news about the stimulus plan!

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  1. Create or save 3 million jobs! That should last us about 5 months before job losses resume assuming -600k loss every month going forward. :p

    Also, anyone see the November revision? :eek:

    Or better yet, there are some major games being played in the Civilian labor force and not in labor force found in Table A here:

    Despite population growth, 296 thousand people from December to January are no longer considered in the labor force or not in the labor force. So where did they go??

    The least manipulated number of all of them is the actual number of people employed. So let's have a closer glance:

    Month -- employment (millions) -- difference from prior month (millions)
    November 2008 -- 144,144
    December 2008 -- 143,338 -806
    January 2009 -- 142,099 -1239

    I've heard that there needs to be 200 to 250k jobs create a month just to keep up with population growth (high school + college grads - retirements). If someone could confirm it would be greatly appreciated.

    Draw your own conclusions.
  2. M2 is currently growing at a 20% annualized rate over the past 5 months.
  3. Maybe this chart is of use.

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