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Discussion in 'Trading' started by praetorian2, Jan 7, 2001.

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  1. After getting stopped out yesterday, im back long. I hate the under 5 dollar crowd, it wastes capital, and 10k shares, you loose 1/8, and it's painfull, but im long 6k now b/c of the huger volume today, and if it makes a hod, i will take another 5k or so. Just a heads up.
    #31     Mar 2, 2001
  2. So why do play them then ?

    I won't touch these stocks.

    BTW : I got a mail from a fellow reader of our 2 person thread, asking me about the screen setup - which I mailed him, of course.

    I use ( among other screens ) the BE screen posted earlier on this thread. But I didn't know, how you detect the pattern discussed here. Do you use BE for it ?

    Best regards
    #32     Mar 2, 2001
  3. This is a two person thread unfortunately, but I intend to enter for one more time on monday, i got out flat on fri. I've seeen this pattern on the under 5 dollar crowd, and i still contend that it will do 4 by the end of this month. I'll even wager with you if you want... hehe... as for other stocks that are higher priced, look at dsgx,catt and lxnt. I made good moves on thurs and fri off lltc and zigo. I think this high volume on the new low is a great strategy, and I'm totally willing to show you my experience on these so far, I almost now play these exclusively and rarely play any breakouts any more.
    #33     Mar 4, 2001
  4. today is the day... dbab has been the only seller.. he's gone.. hrzg is there, but not really.. im long 10k at 2 1/4 lets see... 3/32 stop
    #34     Mar 6, 2001
  5. i took another 5k at 9/32 and im looking to sell my first 3k at 1/2 and then 2k every 3/16 up or so... 5/16 trailing stop.
    #35     Mar 6, 2001
  6. I just sold 4k at 15/16 +11/16 i have 6k left now... another one to watch is bvew for today. IM not in it yet.
    #36     Mar 8, 2001
  7. im in 13k of bvew avg is like 3 1/32 or so. Same selling plan as ttpa.
    #37     Mar 8, 2001
  8. i sold more ttpa at 3/16 + 15/16 i think. I have 2k left, and I just threw a 1/4 stop on them so I don't have to monitor as closely. In the same pattern, im up 1/4 now on my 15k of bvew i have... I took some more on the new high.
    #38     Mar 8, 2001
  9. Lucky you - I'm not trading currently.
    Too much other work to do at my job. If I can't follow the markets, I don't trade these days.

    Good luck &
    #39     Mar 8, 2001
  10. Im out of all 15k now at 9/32 avg.. I'll wait to relong tomorrow. Im afraid of another gap down even though it closed on the highs... It should be good for a half tomorrow. Privateer, this pattern really works... We've hit paydirt..!
    #40     Mar 8, 2001
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