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Discussion in 'Trading' started by praetorian2, Jan 7, 2001.

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  1. This pattern is just too juicy. I still think we can get 28 on fsh. I added another 4500 at around .2 this morning. It hurts to be down 6k on the open. But I can suck it up. As a function of discipline, I sold a few at .9 when it went back up there. I will readd lower if it does trade down. I intend to trade around a "core" position of about 6-8k. My conscience just told me to give you a heads up if you are indeed in this. I hope you didn't stop out. It is just too perfect looking, and I'll add more lower. Good luck, and do your own dd.
    #121     May 4, 2001
  2. Looks like FSH paid very well. Did you load the boat at 24.2? What a bounce! Are you considering MCLD? Thanks
    #122     May 4, 2001
  3. I don't like mcld cause it just isn't oversold enough. If it dropped to like 3 or 4 in the next day or 2, i'd be very interested.
    On fsh (and I hope you all played), I unfortunately had 6500 from 25.2 avg. On the open I took 3k more at 24. When It proved itself, I took a few more k at around .4. I sold all at 25.7 and 26.05. I will reenter on monday though cause the move probably has 2 more pts to it. I will use much smaller size (4k?) and forget about them for a few days.
    #123     May 5, 2001
  4. P2, I didn't play FSH Friday. Was afraid because of the news of the secondary offering. I admire you for sticking with it, after the drop on the opening. It does look like a juicy play on Monday (5/7). I played NOI Friday successfully, as well as an intraday "dumper" - HSP, traded it two times, at first unsuccessfully, then after it REALLY dropped, made up my loss and then some. I use traderbot to look for these intraday dumpers. - I probably will be with you with FSH on Monday.
    #124     May 5, 2001
  5. Thanks Pre I played it a little bit last Friday and may get in again.

    #125     May 7, 2001
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