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  1. I have a ton of trading books and just found a new gem.

    High Probability Trading by Marcel Link

    I am a daytrader mostly focusing on QQQ and ES, this book has been a great addition to my education at the "right time" for me.

    If anyone else buys it, let me know, I would like to discuss some of the ideas on a daily basis to form game plans for the upcoming trading day.

  2. Was looking at it on Amazon - has four reviews (all good - but one by the author!).

    But, not much detail on the content of the book. Can you give an overview?
  3. nitro


    I was attracted to this book by the title. I have not had a chance to REALLY look thru it yet.

  4. Uni


    I haven't read the book but I just saw the review on Amazon written by the author. It contained this sentence (emphasis mine):

    This book is an easy read and is full of funny antidotes from my trading experience.

    I guess this guy ingests a lot of different poisons when he trades? Call me nitpicky, but I tend to trust an author more when he/she uses correct grammar.:eek:

  5. Wiener


    LOL :)
  6. Uni


    Although I criticized the writer's grammar earlier, I went ahead and picked up a copy of his book anyway.

    While obviously not written by a professional writer, the ideas presented are superb. I'm halfway through it and I'd strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to get serious about their trading. I've yet to see another text that distills the essentials of running an effective trading business like this book.

  7. UNI,
    thats why I recommended the book in the first place. too many books focus on only signals, this book helps you understand you are setting up a business. One that has a goal of being consistent in your method, then the bigger money will come.
  8. this guy is probably the author or 1 of his friends bringing up the title 2 promote da book

    its so gd obvious.

    have a nice nite,

  9. i just ordered this book on your recommendation but please don't tell me it's about "picking the right 'puter", "the diff b/w NYSE & NASDAQ etc :eek:
  10. I don't know the author and have never met him. You are an ass.
    After reading and owning many books on trading I feel this book has value and wanted to pass it along. Crawl back under your rock until you have something positive to add to the others here who are trying to help each other.
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