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    a black guy and a puerto rican are in a car. who's driving?
    the other black guy that stole the car.

    what do you call a jewish athlete?
    something extremely rare.

    what do you call a jewish man thats the boss of his house?
    something extremely rare

    what do you call a jewish girl that did'nt marry a man for his money?

    why did the mexican sneak across the border?
    to install my new roof

    what do you call a chinese guy with a 4 inch dick?
    the most popular guy in china

    why did the irishman stop drinking?
    he was about to drive over a pot hole

    what do you call a polish guy at a drive in movie theater?
    the guy that drove his car into your family room

    what do you call a day trader who has been trading for a year?
    a gambler

    what do you call a day trader whos been trading for 2 years?
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  4. Here's a "GREAT" joke. :D

    My wife gives me a house cleaning schedule every week, Imagine my surprise when I found my old testicles in a jar under the bed whilst I was vacuuming.

    :D :D :D