Great Job here at ET - An Observation

Discussion in 'Trading' started by VisionTrader, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. I have been away for a good portion of the summer.

    As always, I like to spend some time here at ET. I have spent a good deal of time reading through some of the threads that interested me, trying to catch up.

    I have to tell you all.... the quality of the information being exchanged here has elevated to an awesome level. This is a much more worthwhile meeting place recently. I rarely read any negative or worthless posting in the threads that interested me. Many of the moderators have been active in helping and educating.

    For me the discussions on divergence are great. The journal by no_pm_please is right on target. Everyone is trying to help or offer discussion in the right way. Those that are offering a different opinion are doing so in a way that is helpful or provokes us to think on both sides of an issue.

    The "trade this chart" idea by inandlong is a great idea that really provokes some thought. I hope you keep this up.

    The discussions on the VIX and the various threads about the market top is right on track.

    I hope more Elitist will follow these examples and post their methods with instruction and charts. It is a great way to give something back and help develp new traders skills. Sharing secrets amongst us will not change the course of history. In fact, my guess is that by sharing and teaching, the laws of nature will reward you with much more than your secret was ever worth while kept with only yourself.

    I just felt I had to say something. I am grateful. Great job everybody. The value of the information being shared in an organized way is priceless.
  2. The law of nature being: if you teach, you learn more about what you are teaching.
  3. Exactly Peter. The Law of Increasing Returns.

    No man can rise to fame and fortune without carrying others along with him. It simply cannot be done.
  4. Very good point indeed. As someone who spent many years teaching college students, I cannot overestimate the impact both they and my preparation for teaching had on my uderstanding of the subject taught.
  5. Through my trading career I have learnt from new and unsuccessful traders almost as much as I did from traders more experienced and successful than myself. Teaching others my knowledge only polishes it more.

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  6. hayman


    Reading info on this board, has been of great value to me, a newbie on this board. I have learned, and hopefully, I have taught. I agree with all of you, this is a truly great community for traders to get together and share their ideas and experiences. Kudos to ET.
  7. Second that! Although I've only taught for about 4 years...