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  1. Hi every body .I developed very good indicator for E Mini S&P 500.Its giving great results with some my own observation and support &res.Each trade give 3 -5 points In screen shoot there r red & blue hash and red dot.when red hash and dot appear above the candle go for SHORT when blue hash and dot appear under candle go for LONG and take 3-5 point profit.Ask me for screen shoots of the day when u lost the money .
  4. why do you continue to show a trend indicator on a trending, wide swing day. show this thing working in a choppy session. otherwise it ain't worth the money you are going to charge for it. oh i forgot, you said it's not for sale! :eek: riiiiight.

    and btw, yet another thread created to "promote" your amazing indicator. come much do you want for it? i have some extra bailout money laying around....i'll give ya whatever you want.
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    What good drawing software can you recommend?
  6. here few people can not belive that somebody can do some thing posetivly.they just try to be master of trading.i think i should call this Unbelievable indicator insted great i want to mention that i take trade after 9-30 est time and try to not trade at the begning of lunch time and end of lunch time as well as if there is a bar which is more than 5 point covring then i u can find today trades.right now market is only 10 points range and i made almost 14 points
  7. The chart shows you twice going long in a down trend and selling at the bottom. Maybe you want to fix the labels on the chart?

    Does your magic indicator only work on 10 minute charts? How about showing a 3 minute chart?

  8. Yeah, the 3-27 chart shows 3 entries, 2 of which are losses on the long side. Maybe he mislabeled the trades ???? My guess is 3 min would have too much noise, looks like his indicator needs more data for smoothing, maybe he can elaborate.
  9. He did not properly label the short trades.

    My magic indicators work on every time frame. Not very much magic in that indicator if it only works on 10 minute bars.
  10. yes u r right it was typing mistak .i just correct it .yes i use some time for 2 mins and five min.on two min i take 1 point profit and 5 min i take 2 point profit but ten mins less trade less noice .so i love 10 mins chart
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