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  1. C.S. Lewis – Prince Caspian: Return to Narnia (Review)

    If you recently watched the very popular Disney movie “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, you might be aware that C. S. Lewis wrote a total of seven books about Narnia. These are, in order of the internal chronology of events:

    1 – The Magician’s Nephew

    2 – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    3- The Horse and His Boy

    4 – Prince Caspian

    5 – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

    6 – The Silver Chair

    7 – The Last Battle

    The novel “Prince Caspian” begins one year after the events told in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” on a railroad platform where Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy are waiting for trains that will take them to their boarding schools. Suddenly they feel themselves transported into another world, and after a few hours of wandering about they realize that it is Narnia, where many centuries have passed in the meantime.

    The second plot line involves young Prince Caspian, heir to the throne of Narnia, who has to flee from his usurping uncle Miraz. Deep in a forest he discovers some of the “Old Narnians” – talking beasts and dwarfs – and later decides to challenge his uncle for the kingship.

    Soon, though, the military situation deteriorates for Caspian and his small army, and they end up besieged on Aslan’s How, a hill built over the site of the stone table that played a crucial role in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. When things look utterly bleak, Caspian uses his most precious object, Queen Susan’s Horn, to summon help.

    This review does not try to give away too much more of the plot and spoil the reader’s enjoyment, so let me just say that the two plot lines intertwine, there are thrilling battle scenes (including a duel) and a wonderful celebration at the end.

    Lewis does a good job of showing the gradual re-transformation of the four children, who once again turn from being English schoolchildren to becoming Kings and Queens of Narnia.

    To me, “Prince Caspian” is one of the three best books in the Narnia series, together with “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and “The Magician’s Nephew”. In many ways, it repeats themes from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, but adds an interesting perspective by having the events of the earlier book become the stuff of legend.
  2. Will digital camera phones destroy photography?

    In any “photo op” moment any more, it is not possible to miss the invasion of the digital camera phone. The place it was once easy to tell when a digital camera was round and if individuals had them helpful, now anybody with a cellphone could be a clandestine photographer. Even at events that was dominated by the professional photographer resembling weddings and the like, we now see those dozens of fingers going up snapping photos with digital camera telephones that seem to dominate the scene.

    Standard pictures is a highly developed artwork type and profession. The precision of the gear and the flexibility of photographers to ship a high quality product to their prospects is well-known and the results of a long time of evolution of the craft. However as we speak it is potential for anybody to become an newbie photographer using that tiny mobile phone of their pocket or purse.

    The query wants serious consideration for 3 audiences. For the skilled photographer, is this the end of your career? Will digital telephones wipe out your customer base and make you out of date? For the aspiring photographer, what about your future? Should you even invest in studying to make use of the subtle tools that makes professional images so superior? Why trouble if digicam telephones are going to make it all out of date? And for you the patron, are you able to get the identical quality of photographs with using digital camera phones as you possibly can by hiring a photographer?

    These are legitimate questions. It is vitally frequent when a new expertise begins to make inroads right into a occupation for the old guard of that occupation to feel threatened. It occurred when tv came along and the media known as it the death of radio. It occurred when talkies and then colour was introduced to motion pictures and tv and at each technological enchancment within the music world. And with each dire prediction of the demise of an industry, the other occurred and that industry adjusted, evolved, acquired better and prospered all the more.

    So there are good reasons to not fear that digicam phones is going to destroy images as we know it including…

    * Digital camera phones can not achieve the identical ranges of quality. There is a good reason that the professional photographer has invested in the extremely sophisticated gear that he has in his studio and that she or he takes to a shoot. The various years and a long time of research have surfaced the issues with high quality that primitive equipment could not deal with. Modern images equipment has exact instrumentation to handle lighting issues to correctly body every photograph and to supply an expert quality end result that people want from a wedding, a portrait or any form of professional photography. You may guess that forensic pictures, fashion photography and photography for publication will ever be willing to just accept the low requirements of quality that are the end result of digicam phone pictures.

    * It’s an newbie game. Once you see youngsters holding up their digital camera phones at a concert to steal an image, you understand that system is not going to end in a professional high quality shot. This is especially true in a reside setting like a concert the place there are myriads of issues reminiscent of lighting, visual noise and other problems that have to be overcome with refined instrumentation just not obtainable on a digital camera phone. Digital camera telephones are an amateur photography device. And they’ll always occupy that niche.

    * Requirements of the final product could be compromised. And excessive standards of high quality are what make professional photography a price to it’s customers.

    This is not to cast digicam phones in a negative light. They have their place and they’re great fun. But we in the professional photography world have nothing to fear from the growth of this technology.
  3. I think a great idea is not just enough to get great reward because you need to implement it in a good way to get reward.
  4. Dear intervention:

    You're right with what you just said.

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  5. Year 2057, Earth Turns To Rubbles!

    2057, three months on after scampering for safety, barely hanging on to life I emerged. An underground shelter had served us well – as if we had a choice. The outside world I knew of and took for granted was gone. The sun’s rays was half blocked by a thick dark brown broth of dust, smoke and God knows what else humanity brewed up to exterminate the other. The ground looked like something straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie, out of this world! What looked like a volcanic ash cloud had settled on it. In the distant a dark fog loomed large ready to gobble up its next victim. The air with a light breeze was unnaturally warm to the face, with a hint of acrid stench, breathing was labored.

    I stood up from my crouching position to survey the surroundings further. My two companions were equally stunned. A brief look to either of them to determine which way to go did not yield any results. Going back to the underground shelter was a big no. Life there had become unbearable. Death, disease and hunger had become the order of the day. Sustenance had run out long before.

    Ahead of us buildings lay in ruin, just picture the famous Will Smith’s movie I Am Legend. With the added dread of absence of clear daylight and any indication of life; plant or animal. To our left lay the IBM-Toyota Corp. headquarters, now in ruins. This had come to symbolize the epitome of human ingenuity. The two global giants had merged and ended up revolutionizing transport. You did not need a car any more to get around. Teleporting had become a reality! But that was all behind us now, irony at its worst for the human race.

    Mankind had decided that tolerating each other was too much, a war broke out and the rest is history. Given man’s advancement in arming themselves nobody was going to come off better than the other. Nuclear, chemical and conventional had all been utilized to maximum effect. This had started between North Korea and Japan but given world nations’ penchant to take sides it went global in an instant.

    There was no kind of communication with far flung corners of the planet and I feared for the worst. That humanity had been wiped out but for small pockets. What I’m sure of is some continents were decimated. Just before it went global reports on TV and radio were that of nuclear weapons had detonated in most parts of Eastern Europe, Asia including Japan and the Middle East, presumably annihilating everything in its wake. That is when all global communication was cut off. Many had died and still many more out of the aftermath.

    The future looked bleak, any survival unlikely. We just hoped for our own sake we did not breathe in poisonous gases sooner rather than later. No one who ever left the shelter before us came back!
  6. Methods to Find Joys within the Office and Loving Life

    Do you still bear in mind your first job and the thrills of discovering and landing that stint? Do you sometimes look again as to the way you act unto loving life and the job that you have been in a position to write proudly in your resume if you were still younger?

    Young folks should have a number of dreams and objectives that they need to work exhausting for as a way to attain and accomplish. This should drive them in the direction of success. All people started young. And it’s at all times nice to look again to understand how issues and your perspective had been far totally different at that point of your life.

    Purple Warning

    As you last within the trade you are in, there are factors in your life and profession while you simply need to pause and stop. Chances are you’ll even consider giving every little thing up for the principle motive that you simply no longer want to transfer on doing the same issues every day. This situation places a red signal warning on you. That is very true if you’re already getting bored with the same issues that you just do at work from the second you enter the workplace in the morning till it is time so that you can come home.

    If you are going through this dilemma proper now, you aren’t alone. There are lots of people who are unsatisfied with their work life that they are all the time pondering of how they will get out of the situation. Earlier than you head on and compose your resignation letter, you might want to take a look at the following ideas of how are you going to discover joys in what appears to be a boring office that you’re stuck into.

    1. Change your routine. You could wish to start your day contemporary and new. If you’re used to opening your laptop very first thing within the morning, it’s possible you’ll want to attempt to learn the papers waiting for you first before you open your PC. You can interchange the issues that have develop into a routine for you. This manner, your body will not feel the boredom of figuring out what is going to happen next after you might be done with your first task.

    2. Redecorate your workstation. Should you spend a number of your time at work at the cubicle with your PC and different things in front of you, it’s best to make it your kingdom. What makes you content? If you love your dogs, you’ll be able to place funny footage of your pets all around you. You’ll be able to place flowers on your desk if this will make you’re feeling light. You should also have some stress relievers useful, like balls, a chunk of a puzzle recreation and something that can assist you final your day at work.

    3. Speak to people. You can do this during breaks. This fashion, you endear your self to the other workers in the office. You’re going to get to know them higher and might even make some good buddies within the process. Having folks whom you enjoy being with will make it more exciting and enjoyable to return to work each day.

    4. If you have issues together with your work, you need to talk to your superior concerning such. Do not deal with your problems by yourself especially when you badly want the help of different people. By finding options to your problems and solving them quick, you may skip out on causing more stress to yourself and likewise show that you’re indeed loving life and loving the job that you’re in.
  7. EBooks: A Nice Alternative to Print Publishing

    Are you a author who has tried and tried and tried again to get your ebook published? If you have and if you have solely been met with rejection letter after rejection letter, your first impulse may be to present up. The choice to do so is yours to make, however for those who do imagine that you’ve got a good guide in your arms, you might need to contemplate transforming your book into an eBook instead.

    A nice as it’s to hear that you can take your e-book, transform it into an eBook, and sell it, chances are you’ll be curious as to why it’s best to accomplish that, in addition to how. The excellent news is that creating an eBook is lots simpler than many imagine. In truth, the toughest part of about creating an eBook is writing one and it’s best to already have this step accomplished.
    As for the advantages of creating an eBook, it’s first important to know what they are. eBooks are defined as electronic or digital books. The materials and stories coated in eBooks are identical to printed books; nonetheless, the general format is different.
    As for who reads eBooks and how they are learn, you will see that that it all depends. There are a selection of small handheld machines which might be used to learn eBooks.

    These components upload an eBook, typically by way of a small connecting cable that’s linked by means of the computer. As standard as this method is, many eBook studying machines might be expensive; subsequently, many readers select to easily simply learn eBooks from their laptop or print them. Probably the most avid readers of eBooks are those who are internet and pc savvy.
    The primary profit of remodeling your book into an eBook is that the method is easy. In fact, many first time authors are shocked simply how straightforward it’s to create an eBook. Though you do have various completely different formatting options, many choose the favored PDF format, as most computers already have free reader packages installed. This means that your consumers will have the ability to read your eBook right away.

    Since all publishers require ebook manuscripts to be in printed, pc format. There is a good probability that your e book is already saved on your computer. What it would be best to do is use a program, like Adobe Create a PDF Online. Merely observe the directions and your e book will automatically be transformed into a PDF file. As for creating an eBook, this is really the only step that it’s essential to take.

    As simple as it is to create an eBook, promoting it may be extra difficult. The excellent news, nonetheless, is that you do have quite a few totally different options. A type of choices to promote your eBook on a 3rd get together website. These are web sites the place a large assortment of eBooks are listed on the market and written by different authors. The one draw back to this method is the truth that most third celebration websites take a small percentage of each sale or they charge a month-to-month fee.

    In line with selling an eBook, you also have the option of making your own website. What it would be best to do is create a webpage that provides detailed information about your eBook, such as its title, the idea of your storyline, or what readers will be taught in case your eBook is a how-to book. This strategy is probably the most cost efficient; nevertheless, you will need to keep in mind that web users will not just be able to discover your web site; you also need to promote it as well.

    As for accepting fee, many eBook authors use applications like PayPal. If you do choose to create your own website, you too can purchase your individual purchasing cart software. This could allow you to not only settle for funds from PayPal members, however major credit card holders as well.

    As a recap, reworking your e-book into an eBook and selling it online is a nice various to print publishing and self-publishing. If you are unable to get your eBook printed by a well-known writer, it’s an method that you will want to examine.
  8. Food Fight Opens Band Poster Artist Exhibition

    What’s a better way to open your art exhibition than to have a full-fledged food fight? None, I think. Gelatin desert and spaghetti drenched band poster artist David Moreira had “planned” this fiasco ahead of his opening statements at the Duluth Art Institute show.

    Like a skit out of a Three Stooges short, Moreira says he has never been in a food fight and had no idea how to direct one. He said, they had plenty of plastic to go around but the food smell was a little overpowering. The plan was OK ‘d by institute curator Anne Dugan. It was like creating this “thing” that would complement Moreira’s involvement in the community. People are still talking about it, if not smelling it.

    David Moreira a.k.a. Skatradioh

    Skatradioh becomes band poster artist after stumbling over works by Adam Turman and fellow artist Davis Witt (both from Minneapolis, MN). But, his very early influences were from his mothers art’s and craftsmanship and his father’s architect work. That gave him his first visual sense of the world.

    He started screen-printing posters in his basement for the burgeoning music community of Duluth, Minnesota. The posters got better and the demand for his work increased. This would include work for larger music venues and events like the “Homegrown Music Festival” which Moreira says is a huge honor for him.

    Skatradioh’s work can be seen threading throughout the music culture as well as the food culture of Duluth. He says he loves detailed drawings of food. (disgusting details) His “burger poster art” is legendary, they print it on t-shirts, coffee mugs jackets and everything. (Ergo the food fight opening up his exhibition).

    What’s Next for Skatradioh?

    From garage to art studio downtown, Moreira is moving on up. Now, an artist full time, he creates album covers and rock posters for Chaperone Records and all of it’s bands. Also, he is in the pocket with promoters and event planners such Eric “Heiko” Edwardson.

    What makes a successful band poster artist? Skatradioh says by the number of posters that are stolen by fans from telephone poles , bulletin boards or record shops… wherever they are posted. His bet is the show will be successful if 1/2 to 3/4 of posters are gone. It is gratifying tp go into someone’s home (whom you’ve never met) and see a few of your posters hanging there.

    The community of Duluth have really gotten behind David Moreira and his art. The artsist syas he never imagined that happening or that anyone cared so much. Cinderella story, indeed. Good for you Duluth.
  9. The New Author’s Dilemma

    Nowadays, most publishers would reject your manuscripts, no matter how good they may be. It’s not uncommon to hear words like ‘We’re sorry, but your works don’t fit with our publication plans’ or ‘We don’t accept unsolicited submissions’ or ‘We accept book proposals only through agents’ or ‘ You’ll need to fund your own book and its publication’ etc. Most publishers would ignore your proposals and never answer you. The list of discouraging words is endless.

    The reality, however, is that, the celebrity or established author that most publishers prefer was once a Mr. or Mrs. Nobody. If he/she wasn’t given any chance whatsoever, he/she wouldn’t have become famous as it’s today. A potential but unknown author might even have an idea which is far better than that of an established author. But who would give them the chance? For those who prefer submissions through agents, isn’t it also a great idea if certain would-be authors could be dealt with directly? Sad enough, there are certain potential authors who can’t afford to fund the publication of their books.

    Make Extra Income as an Author
    The fact that agents and publishers have constantly rejected your manuscripts doesn’t mean that your works can’t be successful if given a chance. At we believe that every author should be given an equal opportunity - as long as the work submitted piques our interest, and is judged to have a great possibility. We love to help potential authors realize their dreams. Our aim is to make money for our authors through good marketing strategies and effective collaboration. We love to work with our authors to achieve common aims and ambitions. As a specialist in eBooks, we request that you submit your books/manuscripts for a possible publication consideration.

    Long ago, many people wrote many books that were unpublished and those books have been eaten by termites or got destroyed by other adverse factors. What you wrote and kept under your pillow would do you and the world no good. There are many talented writers who’re suffering from poverty, whereas they could be earning some decent royalties. Just make sure that you put out your best in writing; it’s like giving the world your best and expecting the best from them in return. Make a name for yourself on this planet. Don’t let your thoughts, ideas and inspirations die with you. The Providence sends those hunches to your mind so that your dreams can be realized. Many people have died with their dreams, but yours won’t be so.

    Spread the Word
    Do you have a sibling or a child or a friend or a parent or anybody who’s a great and talented writer? Please tell them to submit their manuscripts to us. We’re interested in their ideas and thoughts. Spread the word: at your place of worship, your club; to your relatives; your co-workers and so on, would be delighted to hear this. If you’re not cut out to be an author, someone close to you might have the talent of putting thoughts and emotions in writing. Please tell them and they’d be forever grateful to you. There’s no big deal in this, for there are many engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, sportsmen, politicians etc. who earn extra income from writing books on part-time basis.

    The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone


    Here comes the Rejected Stone, which contains 28 great poems. It is an open secret that most publishers reject poetry because they think it usually has poor sales potential. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that poetry is often very difficult to be understood by an average reader. Poems tend to have hidden meanings, and a result of this, readers feel disappointed rather than feeling satisfied and entertained. Unless one is a lover of poems, has a good understanding of English and/or reading for an exam, one would not feel inclined to read poetry.

    Each poem is very easy to understand, has no hidden meaning (which means you would easily get what the poem is all about), and would entertain you.

    Now you can have a feel of the Rejected Stone free…


    Solider Ants

    The Thoughts of a Prostitute

    A Buffalo Dies in a Town

    Behold the Maple Leaf!

    Encomium for Melinda Gates

    Ill-gotten Certificates

    Mother Teresa

    The Enweying Lyric

    The Cry of a Lecher


    Seen From a Window

    Mosquitoes Anthem

    Agony of Love

    Anne Frank

    The Beauty of True Love

    Campus Life


    At the Embassy

    Why the Vicissitudes?

    I Am Under Construction


    The English Premier League


    Yahoo! Boys



    A Wonder of the Trading World

    The Plight of the Teacher
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