Great Idea for Population Control

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  1. Ok, I had a great idea the other day. First, I think we can all agree that most of the time when people cannot financially support themselves, they run into serious trouble if they have babies. So, it is established that when poor people have babies, it usually ends up costing society. Soooo...I propose the government offer $1000 a year to any woman willing to have implanted in her a 1 year birth control implant.

    The end result will be the poorest people will jump at the chance, moderately poor people will accept it in fairly large numbers, and the higher up the income scale you go, the less women will accept the offer.

    Certainly all drug addicted women will accept the offer. Certainly all of the people who shouldn't be having kids the most will accept the offer. A huge majority of very young girls will accept the offer, as 1k is a lot of money to them, and they shouldn't be planning on having kids at a young age anyway. Bada bing. How many ill fated births will that prevent alone?

    People cannot say that it's taking advantage of poor people because the implant only lasts for a year, so if their financial condition improves, then they can be fertile once again.

    It's also not racially based because poor women come in all colors.

    I have to admit I got this idea from Tv last night. Although the idea that I saw was for offering $200 to crack addicts only. I figure it's a good idea that needs to be taken further.
  2. imo, in the future there will be some type of control over reproduction. you are totally correct. as it is right now, we have all these people having kids that can't even take care of them! so then who has to? everyone else! i don't know about paying them not to though. i think you just won't be able to reproduce sexually.

    this won't happen overnight, but i think i have it all figured out. it may seem absurd now, but i believe in the future we will have sex only for fun. we won't reproduce this way. it will all be done in laboratories. also, if you want your kid to have blue eyes, or green eyes, you will be able to choose this, as well as many other things. however, you will only be able to reproduce if you meet certain criteria. just like if you try to adopt a baby today, they won't let you if you don't meet certain criteria.

    at birth, they will either do something to you physically so that you can't reproduce, or they will edit the genes before you're conceived so that you can't reproduce. somehow they will make it so you can have sex for fun, but you won't be able to reproduce. it has to be this way. if you just made a law and said it was only legal to reproduce if you meet certain criteria, there would still be accidents and the irresponsible will just continue to be irresponsible anyway.

    i remember when i was in like the 9th grade, we were told that china controls reproduction. we were all like ohhh ahhhhhh that's such a bad thing! however, now that i'm older, i think it is the way to go. as it is right now, it's just a complete mess with the most irresponsible having the most kids. they can't care for them, so then everyone else has to. something is obviously not right here.
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    There is a private organization offering the same thing for drug addicted women. But I think it is a good idea. Free sterilization would also be good. Get it over once and for all.