Great homemade pizza!!!

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  1. Got me some frozen bases, some cheddar, some chicken, onions, crushed garlic, sliced tomatoes, some sliced ham, anchovies, some olives, some tinned pineapple and fresh mushrooms........................
    bit of barbq sauce on the base, seems like a real winner to me.

    None of that crappy tomato paste, gives me heartburn.

    So, does anyone like pizza?:)

    NB-havent actually cooked the damn thing yet, might be horrible-will see:)
  2. Well i can tell you, this thing is piled up an inch deep with sauteed chicken and onions, garlic , ham, and all manner of goodies, the rest of the anchovies didnt go on because they would fall off!!
    Thus far, it smells like the real deal goods, for sure.
    If this isnt the best pizza ever, i would be shocked-ive had good pizza before, but, as good as homemade? We shall see.

  3. It bothers me that i dont have a digital camera, that would be good.
    Even more concerning, the likelihood of my loading these pics isnt so likely, even if i had one-which is a shame.

    It looks the goods for sure, just a few minutes from the taste test-are you;

    a} wondering why ive started a thread about homemade pizza.........

    b) you already rang for pizza, its on its way or already arrived, and your chowing down

    c) you dont like pizza, at all, and cant beleive anyone actually likes these cheesy, messy, weird mediteranean flavoured feasts of round, cheesy goodness.

    Yes, i could have made it a poll, but im cooking pizza and didnt have time.

  4. Many years ago, I decided to, er, kick it up a notch. Went to pizza wholesale supplier and got big bag of high-gluten flour, and other ingredients.

    The trick with the flour is high gluten, then let sit overnight in fridge, then for a while at room temp before rolling. This makes it very strong so you can toss it up and spin it without it breaking. In fact, spinning it is about the only way to widen/flatten it out it is so strong...rolling pin don't work. When its cooked, there will be big air bubbles and real chewy. You can glaze the edges with olive oil. I sprinkled the pan with corn meal and may have greased it with olive oil...can't remember. The corn meal served an interesting purpose and added texture.

    Then of course, all other ingredients have to be fresh. If tomato sauce is not right, it will ruin it. In the tomatoe base, I always mixed in fresher tomato sauce.

    There are about four kinds of cheeses that can be mixed together. Mozzerella alone just isn't right. On a base of mozzerella, you can mix in Provlone, Gorganzola, and/or Romano. Maybe even Havarti. Careful of too much

    Wholesalers sell the most popular toppings in bulk that you just can't find at the grocery store. Temp should be set to cook it in about 20-25 minutes.

    Then I made it a big ritual with authentic big pizza pans, cutters...good friends and wine.

  5. WHOLESALER? Cripes , thats not kicking it up notch, thats making a commitment.
    The bases, everyone says thats the key, but nobody ive seen actually make their rolling/ spinning 2-hours to knead the dough pizza dervish, ever ended up with a base that much better than frozen, or the best base local chain. ie, better significantly than frozen.

    Oh, the pizza was BRILLIANT, the only let down was-the base, not surprisingly.

    After carefully sauteeing diced chicken thigh fillets in a bed of onion rings and crushed garlic, spread over a barbq sauce infused base, adding slices of tomato, liberal rashes of sliced ham, a large smattering of sliced black olives, pineapple chunks, a HUGE abundance of fresh sliced mushrooms,
    covered in cheese and anchovies, well-DELICIOUS.

    I admire your commitment to pizza, johhny k.
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  7. acro, you may find that while it's tempting to pile the toppings on your pizza, the crust suffers because it will tend to steam and get soggy from the liquid exuded by the various ingredients, for example the water from the vegetables and the juice from the chicken. If you do use lots of ingredients, spread them uniformly across the top of the pizza, leaving "space" for the cheese. And if possible, use a pizza stone that's been sitting in a 500-degree oven for at least 30 minutes.


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    I have a couple of tips when making home pizza.
    1. Don't add any salt , use pepper only
    2.Don't slice into more than 6 pieces, you won't be able to eat more than 6.
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    I believe this is almost identical to the way that CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) makes their barbecue chicken pizza ...Check it out.

  10. Quite right about that, but after so many crummy 2-for deals, where the pizza has about two slices of tomato , a shred of capsicum and a couple of lonely bits of cabanossi next to a peice of what may or may not be seafood, its hard to resist stacking it on.

    This one worked well, due to the fact the base seemed to be largely impervious to moisture, heat, and digestion!
    I swear they should make housing materials out of that stuff.

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