Great Gear for Working Out at Your Desk

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    I have had a treadmill in stead of a chair for over a year now. It's fantastic. I just raised my desk, and didn't buy a special treadmill desk.
  2. How did you raise it? Thank you.
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    What interests me about the one below is how flat the treadmill appears to be. Which probably has its benefits and disadvantages.

    What gets me is being able to do it economically. I also wonder if its practical to combine a height adjustable desk with displays that could turn to the left or right. So you could have your treadmill on the left/right and your chair in the middle and only adjust the desk height.
  4. I'd like something like a Wii control or DanceRevolution pad, so you have to physically move to interact with your computer. Like in Minority Report, where Keanu Reeves had the virtual files floating in the air and he had to do overacting kung fu hand gestures to navigate through them. The treadmills and bikes are great, but I'd find them too distracting.
  5. Is anybody aware of a rig that will allow me to have my trading computer and screens follow me down the swim-lane as I do crawl? I guess I’d need some sort of sonar set up for my sound alerts.
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    Oh I'll also recommend Kettlebell work-outs.
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    and this.....LOL!

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