Great Firewall

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  1. Was using a pretty decent firewall (Sofaware 500P) but noticed the more rules I added and inspected the more delay it caused on my connection. I use 50mpbs FIOS and wanted to ensure no delay and maximum bandwidth with top notch security.

    Astaro Firewall is my new firewall and was FREE!!!. For Home users you can use this firewall for up to 10 IP devices. This firewall has all features you would ever need. The ISO image will install the Astaro OS/Firewall on a PC and make it a dedicated firewall. Performance is super and it has so many options.

    * Network Security – Defends your network against a wide variety of Internet threats, including denial of service attacks, port scans, worms, trojans, botnets and application exploits. Also provides secure remote access for mobile workers via IPsec or SSL based VPN clients. More >>
    * Mail Security – Filters all your email traffic in order to keep spam, viruses, phishing and other malicious mails out of your network. Furthermore, prevents unauthorized interception of email through transparent Email Encryption without requiring any client software installation. More >>
    * Web Security – Controls employee web access and use of IM/P2P application for maximum productivity and minimal legal risks. Filters all web and FTP traffic in order to keep viruses, spyware and active content from entering your network. More >>
    * Easy Management - An intuitive setup wizard enables you to get the system up and running within minutes. The browser based GUI features easy point-and-click system administration without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.
    * Astaro Up2Date Service – Automatic Internet updates of firmware and attack patterns always keep the system at a current level.
    * The Astaro Difference – Astaro only uses carefully selected best-of-breed applications, which compete with today’s best point solutions. All applications are tightly integrated through a graphical user interface and allow the efficient addition of new applications as quickly as new threats arise.