Great depression era style lines forming.

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  1. In the 1930s you had soup lines.

    In 2012 you have iPhone lines.

    Amazing how times have changed. Definitely FDR's work has changed things permanently in the USA. All the bailouts seem to be having an effect VS hooverism. All this QEx(1,2,3) having its effect.
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    Only because they dont have to line up anymore.

  3. Only because no one eats soup any more.
  4. Foodstamps is a great example of Lemon Socialism. Walmart for example does not have to pay real wages on an inflation adjusted level because they know the Government makes up the slack by giving its employees Foodstamps and Medicaid.

    And of course the remaining Middleclass taxpayer gets the shaft.
  5. Epic fail from the Obama Youth propaganda brigade. You need to take some lessons from the writings of Josef goebbels on how to properly disseminate false information.
  6. ?????

    Remove Foodstamps/Medicaid and Wages will have to go up, jobs back into the US.

    Why would you be against getting rid of lemon socialism?
  7. I'd like to see a chart showing the percentage, not quantity, of Americans receiving food stamps over this same time...
  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Because you believe that population spiked as massively during the last three years?
  9. we've added more people the last 10 years than we did from 1900-1910: that's a fact.

    The chart posted earlier in this thread doesn't tell anything of value, at best it provides misdirection for someone's position.
  10. why do you need that chart? It takes 10 seconds to google the fact that the USA had a population 215MM in 1975 and 310MM in 2010.

    it would have taken you less time to google that than to write your posts.
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