Great Depression Chart

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    Can someone post that chart along with the famous quotes during the great depression... I sure did get a kick out of that!
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    Ah yes thank you
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    that last quote is scary it shows you what gov't thinks it can do. (in the hands of big gov't democrats - not that bush is any better)
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    To show the other side, I'd be curious to see how much depression talk there was in '73-74, '79-81, '87 and 2000-2002.

    I remember well all the gloom & doom of the latter period: declines of 80%+ for Nasdaq / 50% for S&P, 9/11, anthrax attacks, total distrust of corp. accounting due to Enron, Worldcom, etc. but not sure how many Great Depression references there were.
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    Shows what the USA can recover from.
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    Great chart, thank you!

    Of course, guys like B.Baruch were selling their mother while telling the public the opposite. But most on that list probably really believed what they were saying. In fact, economic indicators didn't start to seriously deteriorate until April 1930 when it was obvious that efforts to reflate were failing (the Fed indeed lowered rates in the beginning). I think only few *realistic* guys like J. Livermore understood there was a lot of air. My opinion only.
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    Big gov't democrats lol. Man do I even need to list the number of gov't agencies created under Bush and the Republican congress? I don't know is some people on ET could count that high.

    Great thread none the less. Scary in fact.
  9. The bottom precedes the runaround
  10. Boys and Girls, this is the BIG ONE, Depression v2.0

    2003-2006 BUY The DIPS

    2007-2013 SELL the rallies.

    Am considering selling a kidney to get more margin money and squeeze more from US 401k mamas and papas :D. I realise as humans we tend to progress and improve with time, but please just remember that this baby is thre REAL DEAL, even banks in places like South Africa are carrying some of this sh!t. When did you guys last see Q3 2008 securitisation report. Losses have just started. You know how much Citigroup, Babcock&Brown , Barclays have in SIV, Conduits, and other vehicles !?!

    I hope my post and ranting proves to be the best BUY signal ever, but if not the WORLD is TOAST !!!
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