Great Depression Ambush Shorts

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  1. I wanted to start posting old school charts to show how far back we can find people using the ambush trade (although most of them did not know they were). For the first one I chose to go back to the stock market crash during the Great Depression. To do this within TOS you have to open the 'Prophet' chart because TOS charts don't have enough data.

    The first one is drawn from 31.90 highs to 17.70 lows. The ambush short was at 24.76 and the target was 14.25.

    Here is the monthly chart:


    The second one is an extension because the first blew out its -23.6% target. The extension is drawn from 17.70 lows to 12.20 lows. The ambush short was at 14.90 and the target was 10.81.

    Here is the monthly chart:


    The third one is another ambush short after the second extension failed. It is drawn from 14.30 highs to 8.79 lows. The ambush short was at 11.54 and the target was 7.49

    Here it the montly chart:

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    People knew what they were, they've always known what they were. The only thing special about the Ambush is the colorful sales pitch that tradethemarkets gave it. They don't make money trading the bull shit. It just looks great in hind sight. Show me how well the ambushes worked yesterday. Put some charts up of that.
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    you were saying?I can find more where that one came from..
  4. TA is a joke.

    Every chart looks easy after the fact.
  5. except that one was drawn before the fact
  6. and if fundamentals are reflected in price and technicals is essentially the study of price, TA is all thats needed.
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    You're really on the wrong track. There were just as many ambushes that didn't work as did work.

    Yes, price will often come half way back at this point or another, and it will often also not come half way back, or it will blow right through that area.

    Using this as a strategy works wonders for bull shiters.

    Do I really need to run through the day and show you all the ones that didn't work.

    And don't give me that, well you gotta look at blah, blah, blah blah, blah bull shit.

    How about this question? Do you make consistent money trading?

    If not, then you need to open your ears a bit wider and take some good advice from those who are giving it for free.
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    Actually, let's see. Your using a free, buggy, very bad data feed chart package. Okay, you're not a profitable trader.

    Before trying to prove how wonderful something works, why not prove it to yourself first by making enough money to afford a decent charting package.
  9. no ones here to flame anyone else... you dont like what is in the post? then move on. btw i trade with an infinity futures account w/ sierra charts.. just like the look of TOS charts better.
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    no offense, I'm not here to flame, but I'm just getting bored of hearing this same old junk. Are you profitable? Do you make money? Why are you going to try and teach something, if you don't even know if it works?
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