Great deal on lcd monitors from dell - 20% off and free shipping

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by GaretJax, Oct 3, 2001.

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    I jumped on this deal the last time they had it and bought a planar 17.4" lcd flat panel with dvi. Dell is offering 20% off and free shipping so you can get a planar 17" monitor for $493.20 for a 17" analog version and about $100 more for the digital. I definitely recommend the digital - it is much clearer and crisiper when used with a video card that supports digital output - my planar is 17.4" version in black has both so I have compared them extensively. This monitor rocks. I also use it at lan parties and it handles quake 3, ut, and tribes 2 nicely with little to none ghosting. It also has built in speakers that are decent and a 4 port usb hub.

    Check out this link at anandtech for more details:

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    Tigerdirect has 15" digital flat screens with 32 meg dual port video cards for $299.