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Discussion in 'Trading' started by jmis, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. jmis


    who captured this great day please let me know. my day is completely ruined :). i just have to stare in awe as the market runs and runs...

  2. I went long after the morning dip, but exited before the train left the station :(

  3. Romeo


  4. Way to go Romeo!

    Yes there is a thread or two around here for directional traders. BTW, nice call by you and Pabst!
  5. You all should have jumped on those financials today...
  6. I did the same thing. In BSC !!! Sometimes I wonder if I will ever learn.
  7. I made about 4% today. Kinda funny b/c I was out almost all day too. In a word, ESCALADE. (ESCA:NASDAQ). After months of doing nothing, this week is the payoff.
  8. Getting a good print on a ultra thin stock like ESCA is one thing, unloading your position at those prices is another. What kind of position are you carrying?
  9. financials were VERY nice today, i thought i was getting in late, and i was, and i still made an easy 1/4 point
    WMT was nice too
  10. Mecro


    Personally I feel this whole has been really weak so far. Boring.

    Today wasnt bad for long positions but I was almost falling asleep at like 3:00. What a total lack of action. Just slow moving positions.

    I can't wait till this market starts selling off.

    P.S. Anyone else have the luck of being short 300 shares in CNF for about 30 min just to have it halted?
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