Great day break

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  1. out of 2 month trading range to new highs

    A key breakout

    Also MA is up ALOT

    Great day, market up

    Subprime is no big deal. Neither is housing or jobs.

    Revenue is up, terror under control, oil undner control, consumer still spending,

  2. You little kidiot. Terror is under control huh? How is that? Please explain in detail, this should be fun. :D
  3. Oil is not under control, oil is what will cause the eventual collapse, when it does happen, and you can be sure it will.

    I am long, but also ready to bail and reverse, we have not even seen earnings yet. For all we know this rally may reverse and close down, and market a top for years, who knows.
  4. Not sure if it's fundamentals driving us at this point or just too much pessimism squeezing us higher. Must hurt all the people predicting market breakdowns and tops and starting to short momentum stocks like MA, AMZN, RIMM BIDU etc. above their 50 and 200 day SMAs lol

    Are they still posting here? Or they gave up trading already...
  5. If they gave up trading already, then we should be close to the top...that's usually one of the signs...
    the other good sign is when they go long..hehe
  6. I'm sure will get a better picture over the next few weeks on your fundamentals question.

    Something was amuck late yesterday afternoon into the close, seen it before, just when you think its going to follow thru and head lower, boom the pressure is applied.

    Have you been active lately with your trading business? I'm kicking back with a DIA position slowly making up for a couple of bad months.
  7. Good day to close DDM and go short or buy DXD. Take the money and run.
  8. MattF


    my "gut feeling" tells me terror isn't under control..

  9. Yea I saw that spike up yesterday 5 mins before the close, hurt me bad I was net short :(

    Yes, I am always in the markets and always fully invested. I learned that timing the markets and picking periods when I am in cash never worked well for my style. So I am always in, regardless on how the markets "feel" to me, I try to ignore any feelings. Leverage 1.25 right now :D
  10. All collapses are eventual...

    And LATE.
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