Great day for pivots on ES

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Trend Fader, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. S1 and R1 were right on the $ today for ES...

    NQ pivots also worked well..
  2. In what way did they "work well" ?

    did NQ touch its piviot today?
  3. What about now.. I'm showing R1 on ES @ 1141.80..

    market moved strongly up there and its been consolidating ever since.. will it continue?? I'm debating a long here

  4. is the es leading the nq? or is the nq leading the es?
  5. Now I can tell you.. the ES is leading.. Hindsight

    Both the ES & YM made new highs but the NQ did not..

    oppositte this morning.. the NQ made new lows while the ES & YM did not

    So what does that mean.. I don't know
  6. I put in a limit order on NQ @ 1539.00 right as market took off.. no fill
  7. Gonna short 5 ES at 1146ish... thats R2.
  8. How is that short position in the IWM working for you today, yeseterday, the day before that, and last week???

    Are you trying to tell everyone here that you are trading the ES on the BULLISH side?

  9. es is a new hi
    ym is below pdh
    nq is stuck at s1
    no conformity
    how much risk do you want to take on?
  10. TF,

    You're just going to put in the order now and not wait to see how price reacts there?
    #10     Jan 21, 2004