Great day for America !

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  1. Another two evil IB are gone and thousand of overpaid parasites are fired.
    Don’t ever forget who was behind outsourcing/lost of our jobs ( via M&A) so few can whack billions.
    Hang yourself , mofo’s
  2. dorfman


    these people cheered every time the average guy lost his job

    why on earth would anyone have any pity for them?
  3. I'm still waiting for the first public hanging of these swill.
  4. Now if we could see more private equity firms collapse as they are the true culprits of this....but yes, less leaches today than yesterday.
  5. Illum


    Cover page of Lehman bankruptcy filing

    "Lehman: We did it for the lulz"
  6. True , but who finance them and brought back to markets via inflated IPO’s ( by using OUR 401k money) ?
    Hang ‘em all
  7. Where were you guys while I was getting my ass beat for three years??!!!!????:confused:

    LOL. Welcome to my world.

    The last firm I worked for kept my deposit, and taunted me. So I filed an arbitration, and named everybody. LMAO. they panicked.

    I asked 'em. Didn't I warn you not to fuck with me?

    It's the business. A very important person in this called the bottom yesterday. I said no way. Guys are reading me internal emails. They are still arrogant!!! You have to drive these fuckers to their knees, then, jail them. When they get out, you have to watch them again. They are that messed up. And that's from the smallest of the small, to the head of the biggest.
  8. You are highly ignorant, or terribly misinformed.

    9,000 of Lehman's Investment Bankers and employees of the Capital Markets Group were just bought out by Barclays. Thus, they aren't gone. They just went to another Bank.
  9. Just sucks that one can't buy anything for Schadenfreude, doesn't it.
  10. So true. One of the people which is to be blame for today's mess is this lowlife Spitzer. The moment he settle with criminals for lousy few hundreds of mils , I told my friends that we will pay for this one day. The whole generation of future crooks was watching it and saying to themselves: “Not bad. IF I will get caught, I have to give SOME of the money back. Not bad at all”
    Well, here we are
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