Great day again

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  1. markets up in spite of all the rate concerns regarding the job growth and inflation

    It is time 2 buy as always

    and that how it will be

    I widh I had bought some QQQQ's and DIA instead of google cause QQQQ are very good and google sucks

    they outperform most of the nasdaq


    Also, bad news isnt bad till it is sold
  2. time 2 buy

    go mrkt

    a record high since feb 27th
  3. Going long ER2 overnight. Too much pessimism out there, everybody calling for the end of the world and going short I am happy to take their $$$ thank you!!!!
  4. In front of PPI are you serious? Trade all you want today just exit and lay flat overnight.
  5. What gives with the dollar, down down down.
  6. PPI = Major short squeeze. Easy $$$ on the long side, as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p
  7. S2007S


    the dollar...:p

  8. I disagree, US dollar is sinking, it wont be long now. I will wait till after the report and look at buying a possible dip, good luck fellow dipster.
  9. I wonder how quick the Fed would raise rates if the dollar broke this support level, all hell would break loose you can bet on that.
  10. Fed doesn't care about US $. Not until it causes "imported" inflation. Which we are not seeing. Inflation pressure is coming from domestic wage increases. That's what is to watch.

    Fed watches

    1. Inflation
    2. Economic growth and stability

    Hikes when inflation is over their comfort level. Cuts when economic growth or stability are at stake.

    THAT'S IT!!!! They don't give a rat's ass about the US $ as long as it doesn't impact the economic stability or causes inflation increase.

    Which it won't unless we see a major, rapid "overnight" slide of the USD. A slow drift like we're seeing the last couple years doesn't doesn't cause any major economic disruptions because companies engaged in international trade (import, export etc.) can hedge gradually against the slide.
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