Great Chart of Dell!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ChartingMarkets, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. Here is my Chart of DELL..courtesy of Realtick.


    As you can see from all the white sapce and information that can't be retrieved from their 21st century server technology that it is clear that DELL is a buy. Thanks Realtick, I used to trade off the charts but you have made it obvious to me that it is much easier to tell whats going on when you cant see anything.

    Realtick get your act together...this is what everybody is complaining about you jack-asses!
  2. Nice chart....everything is so CLEAR :D

  3. Could you imagine Realtick designing software for the military?

    Captain: "Sonar station we need to plot an intercept course to the enemy sub for our torpedo!"

    Sonar: "I'm sorry captain but it seems out plotting software is not working right now...all I get is a blank screen!"

    Captain: "We only have 2 minutes left to live hurry get on the 1-800 line to Realtick now!!!!"