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  1. I found a great reference site for candlestick patterns. I was able to download them for free from

    With so many patterns to learn this was very helpful to me, so I thought I'd share it.
  2. Candlequicks info has to be one of the worst information out there about Japanese Candlesticks mainly because it really does not provide any information except for generic images and a name below each generic image.

    Therefore, the odds that it actually helped you in your trading are close to zero.

    In comparison, at least the other free sources explained the dictionary terms of Japanese Candlesticks along with giving chart examples of real trading instruments instead of generic charts alone.

    Here's just one example of many free resources via going to the below link and then use their search of Japanese Candlestick articles.

    It's all free too. :cool:

    Worst, the you posted is a redirectional link to a website that I've seen spammed at two other forums...not cool. :mad:

  3. Mark,

    I thought this was a forum to share information we thought was helpful. I wasn't spamming. If you have seen the same site posted on other forums, I'm sure it's because there are others who found it helpful also. I'm glad you found something that was helpful too.

    I agree that the site didn't provide all the information you need to know about candlesticks, but this is what I found helpful - I was able to print out the charts to use as a reference. I didn't use it to learn about candlesticks completely. There are just too many patterns to remember, so I thought this was helpful as a quick reference. It's easier for me to have the patterns right in front of me instead of having to continually look them up.
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    Your ID is four days old and you beam in with a link to some site as your first post and with nothing to back up why or how this site and it's information helped you?

    Yeah, that's a winning way to build credibility you've got there...
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    If you weren't spamming then why did you post a redirect instead of the actual site?
  6. Yes, I am new to the forum. Everyone has to have their first posting and I decided to post some information that I thought would be helpful. I could have been more descriptive in the original post about how the quick reference charts helped me, but I didn't think that I needed to. I figured that people would want to check out the information for themself and if it was helpful great, if not that is fine.

    I replied to Mark this morning about how it was helpful that I could have the patterns in front of me as a quick reference instead of having to look them up. I should have included it in the original posting. I guess we learn as we go.

    I apologize if this posting came across as spamming.
  7. I posted the site that was listed on the quick reference chart that I had.

    I guess I should have gone to the site and copied and pasted the link.
  8. chartwatcher,

    I highly recommend you read the free reference information about Japanese Candlesticks at that link I posted earlier.

    The info is a lot more informative although still lacking in real trading situations.

  9. This is not to knock candlestick charts by any means. If candlesticks work for you, fine. It's just that I find it interesting how popular candlestick charts are in the U.S. and elsewhere when very few Japanese use them nowdays. Even though charts in Japan are still printed using candlesticks, candlestick analysis seems to have died out in Japan long ago.
    Maybe some discovered the beauty of candlestick analysis that the Japanese didn't!!
  10. I know five Japanese traders in Japan and all of them uses candlestick charts.

    However, only three of them uses candlestick analysis.

    Also, in 2000 or 2001 I came across a Japanese traders forum. There was a few statements written in english amongst all the Japanese written message posts...

    Apparently there was a few threads at that forum where they heavily discussed candlestick analysis via many different stocks and futures worldwide.

    Simply, I guess it depends upon whom you know in Japan or how much info you're able to understand at Japanese discussion forums about the markets.

    Note: I don't read/write nor understand the Japanese language.

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