Great CA garage sale

Discussion in 'Economics' started by peilthetraveler, Aug 29, 2009.


    The Governator decided to clean house a bit. I actually just got back from the warehouse. It started yesterday so I'm sure alot fo the good items were gone, as they had alot of junk for sale. They had lots of computers, but they were old. When I left they had knocked 40% off the prices they already had listed. So the computers were about 30 bucks. (Old pentium 1.7 ghz 256 megs of ram, no moniter/wires and a wiped hard drive) Lots of brown pants & socks. Office desks for $12 (20$-40%) . Full size Vending machines for $150 ($250-40%) poleroid cameras for $3(5-40%)

    The car auction seemed like a pretty good deal though. Lots of low mile cars in good running order. I didnt spend much time there, but it seemed like they were all generally selling for 1500 to 2500 bucks (no 40% discount there as it was an auction) It would be a very good deal for someone looking for a cheap car to buy. Very low miles too. One chevy i saw with 84k miles sold for 1900 bucks. Alot of the cars were only a few years old. A 2005 Crown victoria(police car) sold for $2,200.

    The problem with the buying the warehouse stuff though, was there was a line that must have been about a half mile long.(i kid you not!) The line wrapped around and around and around inside the building and the people were packed like sardines inside. It was hot as hell in there too.

    Anyway, to me, it was not worth waiting in line for 4 hours to save a couple of bucks on something in there. Maybe it might have been worth it to buy the vending machines (i think there were 5 of them) Those couldve been bought and resold on ebay for a profit (maybe a few hundred bucks) But to me, waiting in line for a few hundred dollars in that hot warehouse was not worth it.

    The cars would definately be worth it if you did not have much money and needed an old "clunker" :)