Great Britains GDP

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  1. I want to know or understand what GB's GDP is based upon.
    It seems to me to be money trading - which is based on nothing, but some other country's misfortune(inreality- unreal). Do we have anything else in this country of any worth for export?
  2. the gdp is mainly based on services. we used to export financial services, this kept the economy going. now we do less of this. the main thing that keeps us powerful is that most currency trade is done through us so we get the commissions on most of the currency trade in the world.

    other than that we don't do much. it is very insulting that our whole economy is based on the financial disadvantage of the rest of the world, mainly through debt. we are the country that produces the least and gets the most (relatively speaking) partly due to the forex trading and the power of our currency against third world countries.

    most people in the uk live off a small number of people in the city even if they do not appreciate it. if that trade went no more benefits, no more government jobs, no more exploiting other countries.
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  5. I personally know people sending their kids over there (Britain) for school, each kid costs about 100k pound per year.
  6. tell your friends to bring them back. the schools in britain are shit. they have been for about the last 10 or 15 years. the problem is the discipline. if they want good schooling for their kids and are prepared to pay 100k per year the could pay personal tutors to give them individual teaching for that cost.

    seriously, they really have gone down hill. when i was a kid i would agree, but now they are shit really shit. you would get a better education at a private english speaking school in a third world country at least the kids aren't trying to kill each other.

    also irm21 that was a funny post.
  7. For 100K, you don't need to go to Britain for school. There are very high (private) quality schools in most western countries.

    In fact, a number of the US Senators tout and claim to support public education, yet send their own kids to exclusive private schools.

    It is called "do as I say, not as I do: :D