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    I don’t know who to thank for the recommendation. I just got my copy of “rule the freakin markets“ by Michael Parness.

    This is going to be a great read. He is just a regular guy that really made it as a trader. He’s honest enough to admit his initial failures. He’s not some Wall Street suit or Wharton school of business graduate.

    Highly recommend
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    Thank you very much for this suggestion. Surely looks interesting...
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  4. Optionetics is as innovative and smart and successful as a cubicle.
    I'll bet you one dollar...that no one in their team can teach you to trade an orange out of a supermarket.

    Michael Parness' strategy sounds kind of similar to mine.
    I'm surprised I just heard about this guy now, specially given his apparent fruitful, exponential success in the market o_O,

    John, after reading that book twice or four, report back here...hopefully, saying you're now a millionaire,
    2018. Now is your finally experience market success. No more Chipotle for lunch, but steak house.
    Mazal tov, Make being Elite...Great again

    If I ever get rich trading, I'll buy a Porsche GT3 RS or Ferrari 458 -- not sure which I want more.
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  5. I posted the recommendation to you.
    In your "How to work towards going full time" thread.

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  6. yet to be written
  7. Read a few pages, it just seems like he modeled the behavior of the markets in his head and looks for repeating patterns. But I doubt reading the book will give you the secrets to be a millionaire. He put in the screen time and without actually putting the screen time, a novice will have hard time in decision making tree.
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    Spilled my coffee on this line...Got to remember this one. Thx