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    I wanted to start a thread to list great trading books which have cheesy titles and therefore may put people off. Its too bad that we do tend to judge books 'by their cover' because sometimes we miss real gems.

    I'll start things off with my top 3:

    "Secrets for Profiting in Bull+Bear Mkts"
    by Stan Weinstein

    "How to Take Money from Wall Street"
    by Tony Oz

    "How I made $2M in the Stock Mkt"
    by Nicolas Darvas
  2. i own weinstein and tony oz. they are great books. another one is the magic word, by gann.

  3. I don't know the second book on the list, but the other ones are pretty good, IMO. I own them.
  4. ForeX [sic] Trading for Maximum Profit: The Best Kept Secret Off Wall Street
    by Raghee Horner

    Cheesy title, yes... but, IMO, one of at most 2 or 3 worthwhile books on forex, within a dumping ground of mediocrity or, worse, outright scams, especially from top, respected publishers. Anyone who is willing and able to internalize and execute what's in this book / CD will go a long way toward consistent profitability.

    What Should I Do With My Life?
    by Po Bronson

    Not exactly an appealing title, to put it mildly. And, yeah, I know, that's not a trading book per se. But I feel it is highly relevant / hits home (and fun) for anyone who wants to succeed at trading for a living, coming from any other profession. It's about 55 people who've struggled to find their calling, their true nature -- who've made big career mistakes before getting it right, at any age. If that's not relevant / inspirational to perhaps 90%+ of would-be traders on ET or out there, I don't know what is.

    In fact, virtually anything by Po Bronson -- who's apparently tried about a dozen professions himself by the age of ~30 (from a book jacket description / photo) -- is a great, fun read and can usually be picked up used on Amazon for under $1 (plus shipping).
  5. Tony Oz actually used to post on this site but stopped when a few idiots started hassling him.

  6. ====================
    Own Weinstein & Tony Oz;
    they are great books.

    Another great book;
    When Super Traders Meet Kryptonite, by Art Collins.:cool:
  7. is that it took? lol
  8. great how much money have you made with these books (approx)
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    Tony is a class act. He was among a handful who put up their blotter on ET and who made public calls in real time. He also gave of his time and expertise liberally. I think he wanted to scale back his non essential activities because he started a family. The attacks and downward spiral of negative posts probably pushed him to leave sooner rather than later. ET's loss.
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    Tony's still very much alive and kicking. He stopped posting on ET because he was putting together a more comprehensive biz. for himself that took much more of his time. He still lives in So. Cal, works with real tick, does seminars at the expos and trades.
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