Great article on Ex-Trader Phil lakk (pro poker player)

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    I am a fan of poker, and one of my all time favorites is Phil Lakk because he is a "math mind" (always considering the statistics behind a decision). However, before he made his name in poker he was a great trader turning 10k into 80k. This is a great article that he wrote himself mainly about his early days and the success and failures of his trading career.

    I think its a great read for the successful, non so successful, and up and comers in the trading business.
  2. Fantastic story, thanks for posting! surf
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    The name is Laak and he's broke so the story is not devoid of irony. Hes been staked for quite a while now.
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    that guy can write too. I did not want the article to end.
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    so gambling is safer than option trading?
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    Broke?? Where did you hear that?

    For one thing, I heard him and Tilly each put up $250k to stake Esfandiari in the One Million One Drop so they made out like bandits.

    I seriously doubt he's broke.

  7. Not sure where you read that, please post a link to that story.

    From what I hear he has no money troubles, in fact I heard a story where he had cashed approx 130-150K in a tournament (they gave him a ticket where you take it to I assume the tournament desk and they cash you out) and he held it for 6 months + because he said it wasnt even worth cashing.
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    Just finished the article. Pretty cool read even if it was posted in 2009. Even though I really didn't like his Unabomber shtick when he was first televised, I respect his playing ability and the fact that he started as a trader. I also liked the part in the article where he was disciplined enough to play 80 hours/wk in Bryant Park to get back on his feet. Shows he has a work ethic.

    I was in Vegas around 2010 during WSOP. Went to have dinner at Lotus of Siam. Heard a lot of the high roller poker players eat there. Later in the evening, Laak, Tilly and a number of other people strolled in. They had dinner. I didn't want to disturb them. But it was pretty cool seeing them there having a good time.
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    good for him. I am a pro and have played him before as well as Dwan and Benefield at the same table. The story is in my head. It would be nice if you could at the very least spell his name correctly.
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