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  1. the journal had a great article on credit card debt yesterday,did anyone read it? it basically talked about how everyone was maxed out and when this would happen 2 years ago,they would just get a new zero percent card and transfer balances and obtain other sorts of loans so they can manage minimum payments and continue to spend. now,credit so so tight that even those with good credit are not extended loans/credit and more and more people are completely maxed out. in fact,more people are now relying on credit cards to pay for basic necessities such as food,gas,phone and electric bills. now that these individuals are "maxed out" how are they going to pay for these things now,never mind the minimum payment on a crad thats maxed out!
    it seems that banks highly leveraged to the credit card business are going to have tough times ahead. CITI is highly exposed,as is capital one and amex.
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