Great ARB in FRO, Help

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  1. Correct me if I am wrong here:
    For symbol FRO (Frontline), close of 50.63 on Fri,
    Go short at 50.63 100 shares, and sell a 50 put at 3.00 (bid).
    Buy a 50 call at 1.10 (ask),
    for a locked in gain of 2.63 points.

    By going short and selling a put, you are effectively selling a synthetic call, cover your call simultaneously at 1.10 for
    a lock of 2.63 points.

    What's the catch?

  2. the catch is that they are going Ex-Dividend on 10-Oct-07 for a huge div. sorry. you'll have to try harder.
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    When are you rookies gonna learn that there are no arbs in options! If the options are priced a certain way then there's a darn good reason for this!
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    1) There are no free lunches

    2) If it looks too good to be true, it is

    3) See OP's reply that they are going Ex-Dividend on 10-Oct-07 for a huge dividend
  5. Nothing changes - same questions, same mistakes.
    But how else will the newbies learn? And we were all newbies once, right?
  6. OP??? :confused:
  7. he means Old Prick
  8. non-profit suits you better
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    OP = Other Poster
  10. I always thought it was Original Poster?
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