Great, American people just voted for war, false understanding of Nuclear Detonations

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  1. I turn on CNN and what do I see

    Santorum up high in Iowa the guy who said he will invade Iran no less than 15 times.

    Next in Mitt Romney total net worth over 200 million, also said he will make war on Iran. Even if he lied on Iran, how is a rich man like that supposed to look out for the ordinary people. 15% of US population in poverty and 49% fall into "poor" category.

    And the only guy capable of bringing peace and prosperity Ron Paul, limping in third place like a half live roadkill.

    This is the choice American people made

    NUCLEAR detonation facts: Even if Iran had 100 nukes it still does not threaten neither US nor Israel. It is impossible to detonate a nuke in the world and not have evidence which country supplied the radioactive material.

    Every piece of fissile material has a specific frequency which identifies from which part of the planet (which country) it came from. It is impossible for Iran to nuke Israel without facing 300 Israeli ready to go nukes at Iran.

    The only way to trick a country is to steal nukes from someone and try to make it look like they did it. Even so, the punishment for that country's lax security is nuclear counterstrike. Which is why everyone guards their nukes like eyes.

    So why is there a push for war by Santorum-Romney and Israel. Because they want to take down Iran as a next chess-piece of global foreign policy and they know that if Iran gets a nuke, they can not attack it ever in the future.

    Anyone pushing for war with Iran is either a fool or straight up liar.
    And this is where we are clearly going.
    We are going to WAR.
    American people want it, we shall get it.
  2. Pakistan is something like 10 times less stable than Iran. They just had a mini plan for a coup just a few days ago.

    10 X less stable

    So why is none saying we should bomb Pakistan? Because they have nukes so they can't be bombed.
    And supposedly Iran is a threat to the world even though they are far more stable than Pakistan ever was.

    American politics make me want to vomit I swear. This web-site doesn't have a vomit emoticon.
  3. I apologize for venting/ranting I just don't know what to do.

    We are going to WAR !!
  4. Do you have a source for this? As far as I know, there are methods to identify which material was part of the process (U-235, U-238, etc), not the origin of the material. I don't see how that would work.
  5. While I am not a hawk I think it is very dangerous to think of an opponent as a "rational man" ... particularly in the Middle East. Once an opponent gets to a certain strength you may have no choice but to rely on MAD (mutually assured destruction) the way we faced off against the Soviet Union. Yet being forced to do something because circumstances preclude all other options is quite different than deciding to letting things progress to that point.

    Was the Israeli preemptive strike on Iraq's reactor a good thing? Probably a much better way to go than the prolonged war we are just finishing up for ostensibly the same purpose. Is Iran analogous? I don't know but it might be.

  6. Yes there is a reason you are not aware of it.

    Because as an American if you did know, you would be far less likely to support pre-emptive attacks.

    For that reason Major Media and politicians would never tell you.

    LOS ALAMOS National Laboratory

    Nuclear Forensics

    Nuclear-explosives-design physicists are also best positioned and qualified to develop post-detonation forensics signatures—the physical, chemical, and isotopic characteristics that reveal the integrated effects associated with specific nuclear device designs. To do this, XTD-4 works with LANL radiochemists who are specialists in all details concerning radioactive materials and their physical analysis. Developing and documenting nuclear forensics signatures will enable investigators to analyze radioactive debris from a nuclear explosion and identify what nuclear materials were used and what industrial processes produced them. Ultimately, the signatures enable attribution of the materials to the originating reactor or enrichment facility. Effectively assigning attribution can serve as a contingency against acts of nuclear terrorism. If nuclear states know that the United States can trace their nuclear material back to them, they should be less likely to cooperate with terrorists.

    Russians can do this, Americans can do this, Chinese can do this and you better believe Israelis can do this.
  7. You are wrong because the rest of the world is not as dumb as they were 20 years ago.

    Smart people in other countries are realizing that these are just excuses for US expansion of empire and influence.

    They won't stand for it.

    Attack will lead to world standing up to US and Israel.

    'Invading Iran is invading Russia, China'

    Last Month, Major General Zhang Zhaozhong, professor from the Chinese National Defense University, said China would not hesitate to protect the Islamic Republic against a military strike, even if this means the start of the Third World War.

    You think you can build peace by making war, that is the stupidest thing ever.
  8. With all due respect to General Zhaozhong he is full of shit. They are not standing toe to toe with us over "The Islamic Republic". He knows, I know it ... and I suspect even you know it.

    Their national interest is simply not salient enough. Just because he says it does not mean than will or even can do it. They will continue to fight the war they are winning ... the economic one rather than pick new terrain.

  9. hkrahra


    Americans are done.Too much slaughterhouses,you drink too much and eat too much meat.You are done!
  10. With all due respect you are full of shit.

    Just like Media

    The media have been making ridiculous claims against Iran since the early 1980s.

    Check out this newspaper clip from April of 1984 claiming Iran will have nukes in 2 years. It cites unidentified intelligence agents claiming Iran's nuclear weapons are "entering the final stages".,2935858&dq=iran+nukes&hl=en

    Here we are almost 30 years later and still, the same exact story is being pushed.

    And those like you Swan Noir who push for war are the enemies of US from inside :cool:
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