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Discussion in 'Events' started by CyborgTrading, Sep 24, 2009.

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    Cyborg Trading and Elite Trader would like to proudly announce the inception of a new forum: Gray-box Trading.
    Use this forum to discuss any topics related to semi-automated or hybrid trading.
    Semi-automated trading refers to any aspect of trading that incorporates automation but maintains elements of discretion. Semi-automated trading can include, but is not limited to, aid in execution accuracy and speed, risk-management, spread or pairs trading, custom or pre-built algorithms, and signal-generated execution.

    The gray-box trading forum may also be used to discuss the Cyborg Trading platform with other users, or to receive support from Cyborg Trading Admins.


    For more information visit:
  2. Gray-box?
    That reminds me of old naked ladies.
  3. HoCk


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  4. Fractal


    You might want to rename the forum, as it's also the name of a certain prop firm's trading platform.
  5. CyborgTrading

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    Grey-Box technology in general refers to:

    "Software in which some knowledge of its internal workings are known"

    The Grey-Box Trading Forum is a place where traders can better understand how to use sophisticated trading tools in their individual trading strategies.