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  1. A secretary paid 250K a year, 2 drivers each paid 100K a year, 140 million pay package... Just for ringing the bell every morning and bull shitting people on TV about how the NYSE is a fairer market? Is this real?
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    .... I'm sure the secretary salary is correct. Assistants to CEO's at major companies are not paid at rates commensurate with the title secretary. They are viewed as executive assistants and are paid a premium for working at the CEO level.
  3. The NY Times reports today that Mr. John S. Reed and Mr. Eliot Spitzer are going to twist old Dick's arm REAL hard and ask very politely for $130 million back or else they are going to file civil suits against every single one of Grasso's former directors and people that were on the compensation committee . . . many of whom are the former or current CEO's of Wall Street's largest investment banks.

    Hence, we could see Dick the Bellringer settling this thing out of court and out of the public arena, with Spitzer & Reed and Company.