Grasso warns, reassures...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chasinfla, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. My read of his guess was he figured monday was going probably to continue friday's trend.

    He did seem slightly more tired than usual; not nearly as stressed as Sept.

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  2. Rigel


    The stocks I'm looking at are close to neutral.
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  3. "Does anybody know,
    if Grasso is short, or what ?"

    Well, technically, he is a few inches taller than the average midget, but I think a short man in tall pants is pretty descriptive.

    Seriously, have you ever seen such a putz?

    He is a bagman for the Brokerage Firm syndicate.

    To take a look at a recent photo of the Godfather of the 5 families of the Brokerage Firm Crime Syndicate, click on the jpeg below.
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  4. Rigel


    Don Greenleone
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  5. if it stays like this all day i'm going fishing.
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  6. Bryan Roberts

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  7. doher


    He looks like he might be part - martian
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    He probably heard the rumor mill that some hedge funds, port. managers, institutions, ect were planning on liquidating some large positions going into Monday. There is nothing he can say or do that will create any support at this point.
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  9. JPM was massively short gold and their was a short squeeze on. I heard the fed bailed them out by selling gold directly to them rather than forcing them to buy on the market, thereby killing off the short squeeze. The day after I heard that gold started its consolidation that it is still in.

    Now JPM is massively screwed by worldcommunist. Will there be a bailout ?
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  10. Grasso is a tool anyway . They all are . :D
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