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  1. Hi,

    I need some help regarding selection of some good graphic card for multiple display on my 3 LCD's for my trading.

    I have a motherboard which only allows AGP, I have seen dualheads with AGP slots but couldnt find any quad's or triple heads on matrox which allows AGP.

    Can anyone help me in this or guide me for the best bet.

  2. Both Matrox and Nvidia Quadro NVS have quads for PCI slot.

    They also both have duaheads for AGP and PCI... so you could get one of each.

    Nvidia Quadro NVS 280 is my preference.
  3. Yea but that was my question. My problem is i need some quad card which has AGP in it. Or are you saying that boards with AGP slots also have PCI too?
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    Try ATI Fire MV 2400 - I think there is an AGP version
  5. Yes. Only 1 AGP slot, the rest are PCI. I'm not sure there are any AGP quads on the market. If so and they are new, they will be $450 and up.
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    This: Xentera GT4 AGP is not new it is discontinued but if you can find one somewhere it may solve the problem if no current cards are AGP, but are you sure your motherboard has no PCI slots?

  7. I am using D865GBP intel board. I am not sure if it has any PCI or not. If anyone can guide me how to find that out?

  8. Okay i just found out from the web it says

    " The D865GBF provides a 1X/4X/8X Universal AGP 3.0 expansion slot for future video upgrades, and six PCI slots. It supports a maximum of 4GB of DDR memory in four memory sockets, which allows plenty of room for future memory upgrades."

    That means PCI should work. Any cheap matrox or any quad matrox card anyone find is good for beginners? Keeping in mind its cost effectiveness?
  9. Does your system board look like this?? If it does, those white slots are PCI
  10. Cool. Check this bad boy out.
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