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  1. Hi,

    I need some help regarding selection of some good graphic card for multiple display on my 3 LCD's for my trading.

    I have a motherboard which only allows AGP, I have seen dualheads with AGP slots but couldnt find any quad's or triple heads on matrox which allows AGP.

    Can anyone help me in this or guide me for the best bet.

  2. nitro


    I have been researching this with some intensity. My choice hands down:

    Note Well, you need a PCIe x16 slot for this card.

    Believe it or not, the reason I want this card has nothing to do with graphics! :D

    Make sure that you get a mobo that supports at least two PCIe x16 slots, e.g.,, or if you want a very good mobo with _four_ !!! :eek: PCIe x16 slots,

  3. gnome


    Matrox Parhelia is AGP triplehead, but it's expensive.

    Simply add an appropriate PCI dualhead to your present system.
  4. nitro



    Matrox makes a card that is AGP. Search eBay for best prices. In addition to searching eBay, search ET, this question has come up before...

    Also, you can stick an dual-head Matrox AGP card and a dual-head Matrox PCI card in the same machine and get quad monitor support, probably using the same driver...

  5. Nitro,

    Why all the PCIe16 slots.

    I run one fast(ish) card (nvidea 7900GS chosen for speed, 2 outputs and because its very quiet unless running at high processing load) which is for my two primary screens and (really) for flight simulators.

    But the rest of my screens can run on slower cards in slower slots. These cards are cheap and often fanless so very quiet. Resolution can and speed can be still be fine for trading charting and load on the main processors isn't a problem.

    I might be wrong on this though - please enlighten me.


    ----------- --------------------- ----------

    Best PCI Express Card For ~$180
    GeForce 7900 GS

    Codename: G71, 90-nanometer technology 20 Pixel Shaders, seven Vertex Shaders, 20 Texture Units, 16 Raster Operator Units 256-bit memory bus 450-Mhz core, 660-Mhz DDR (1320 Mhz Effective) Memory

    Essentially the card is an overclocked 7800 GT, sporting a 256-bit memory bus and decent clockspeeds; it's a very good performer and a solid card for the money. While the X1950 PRO is a stronger performer, it's also a bit more expensive around the $220 mark. The 7900 GS also has a good overclocking reputation.
  6. nitro


    Because then you can put more than one of these high speed graphics cards in.

    The 7900 GS is good card. The specs are similar to the ATI card: It is SLI, which means you can team two or more of them together (this is equivalent to ATI's Crossfire technology which does the same thing). It is also designed for PCIe x16 slots, which is state of the art. Similar RAMDACs, but 1/2 the memory of the X1950 XTX. Also, the 7900GS is GDDR3, vs GDDR4 on the ATI.

    But the most important tech spec on the ATI X1950 XTX for me is the 48 pixel pipelines :eek: :eek: :eek: 28!!! more than the 7900GS!!!!. It also has 8 vertex shaders. Remember, I am not interested in these cards for gaming, but for general floating point computation. Basically these GPUs are general purpose massively parallel vector engines. They run a hundred times faster than even the fastest multicore CPUs on these floating point taks!!!!!!!!!!!!! (assuming parallelization of course...)

    The X1900XTX offers something close to an astonishing 600 GFLOPs. That is unmatched by any other single core graphics card for the sort of computation that I need.

    The card you have is a great card. It is just that the X1900 XTX is supported by out of the box.

    Outside of my own research of using the floating point computational engines inside these graphics cards for algorithmic trading, I also want to dedicate a computer to the protein folding research, and the folding at home people are craving computers with these graphics cards in them for computational biology. If I can't do science as a profession, at least I can give in other ways.

  7. LOL. Understood now.

    For my old style point and click trading I don't need the power but I can certainly admire the specs :)
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