Graphics Cards for Smart 4K TV

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    I am in the process of purchasing 2 43" Smart 4K TV for trading. I will only be using this set up to trade with and not gaming. Can anyone recommend a dual graphics card which is compatible for 4K.
  2. Just about all of the dual-port cards made in the last 5 years.

    If you want to go cheap, get an Nvidia NVS 310* with 1GB VRAM on eBay for ~$25-ish. You'll also need 2x "HDMI-DP" adapters". Or you can look for video cards with 2x HDMI ports (not common.. cards with HDMI usually have only one such port). Maybe your TVs will have DP ports? That would make things easier.

    *The official specs on the NVS 310 say the max resolution is 2560x1600, but they will actually run UHD (4K), no problem.
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    I use dual cards Nvidia geforce gtx 1660.
    I have one 43" monitor (2160x3840 resolution) & five 32" monitors (1440x2560 resolution).

    this setup works fine for me.
    further I have 2 spare monitor ports for future expansion.
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  4. TVs are terrible monitors FYI. Pixel density is lower than a monitor and text ends up looking like shit. But to answer your question, a GTX 1660 should work fine unless you are gaming.
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    I'd think TV is a poor choice.
    I presume his TV is of 2160x3840 resolution.

    but then I do hear some people saying TV is good enough for trading purposes
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    You are misinformed. Do some research.
  7. Intuitively, can't see why that would be the case. Text res should be the same for a 43", 4K monitor and a 43" 4K TV.

    A number of ETers have posted they use 4K TVs as monitors with no complaints.
  8. The average input lag for a 4k tv is almost 100x that of monitors. More and more TVs are coming out with lower latency "gaming" tvs, but you have to enable that mode to cut the latency down. Even then it is still 10x that of 1ms monitors.
  9. So what! Your "involuntary reflex reaction" to a stimulus is going to be ~ 700ms. Any monitor latency relative to that is insignificant. As a trader, you LEAST consideration should be any kind of "monitor latency".
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  10. Yeah this, I tried it and the details really fucked with my vision, everything looked micro blurry.
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