Graphics card question - PCI-E, PCI, AGP ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Kastro_316, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    ok I am going to pick up a new set of graphics cards.

    Now, I just made my own custom PC, and it has a PCI-E slot.

    So, I am going to get a 512MB ATI PCI-E with 2 monitor plug ins.

    What kind of card should my 2nd card be for the other 2 monitors? AGP or a PCI slot?

    Would it be best to have a good PCI-E card and then a PCI card?

    Thanks :)
  2. If you have a PCI-E slot, it is unlikely (though not impossible) that you have an AGP slot. You probably have to use PCI for your second card.
  3. Ohh Ok. Yea, I guess I have a PCI-E and PCI slots.

    So its safe to say I should get a really nice PCI-E card, and then pick up a normal PCI card?

    Thanks :)
  4. Yes. Your combo choices with respect to system boards are typically AGP w/ PCI or PCIe w/ PCI

    Unless you are a true hardcore geek and can create something like the attached:
  5. COMPusa & Circuit City has both a PCIe & PCI nVidia card that will run dual displays on each if you want to physically touch them first before buying on the web. And they are very affordable. You could also go with Matrox. Are you running all DVI or VGA or a combo for your displays??
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    If your rig is for "other than gaming", you won't need nor benefit from a high-powered PCIE card. If that's the case, you should spend your money elsewhere.