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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Babak, Mar 7, 2006.

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    Does anyone now of software that allows you to trade right from the graph? I've seen a few crude attempts (like SimianSavants) and IB has put a quote line below their charts, but that's not what I mean.

    I mean no separation between chart and order execution. Just a seamless integration of chart with an overlay, if you will, which allows you to enter a trade on the security charted.

    Let me know if you know of anything or if this sounds interesting.
  2. I wouldn't understand why there isn't. Seems relatively simple to implement.
  3. Rumor has it that the platform known as 'Chart 0.009b' will have this feature, and it will be very intuitive.

    Seriously though, I think Realtick does something like this. I haven't used Realtick in some time, but if I remember right, it has a feature where the trade window for a given security can be attached to the bottom of the chart.
  4. Haven't seen anything like this for trading stocks.

    For Futures, TradeMaven, I THINK might have something like that.

    Other than that, have not seen anything else.

    Would be nice to see the ability to just click on a chart and put in a limit order and such.

    I know there was a Forex platform that did this, VT Trader or DealBook FX, one of those two I think.

    Hopefully as technology improves, order entry will be too.
  5. I remember reading that someone programmed a custom addon for Tradestation that does just that - allows placement of limit/stop orders directly on the chart.
  6. Dealbook does that for fx, id like to see the "technology" involved catch up for other products.
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    kostia00 Interactive Brokers

    IB TWS has a feature called Chart Trader that allows you to trade by clicking on the chart. You need to enable it thru a menu on the chart window.
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    kostia, thanks but I already mentioned IB's feature in my first post on this thread and said that this is not what I consider graphical trading. I mean clicking right on the chart itself. Sort of like SS's feature but much more sophisticated and customizable.
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    I believe CQG Chart Trader does what your looking for as well.
  10. greeks


    Trademaven has it, and I played it for a month or so. It's great, but now a day, it has data problem.
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