Graphical representation of my audio files??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Math_Wiz, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. I see many programs that can show me a graphical representation of my audio files, but they all seem to do so on an individual basis. For example, I choose an audio file from my hard drive, and it shows me a graphical representation of such. I then choose another audio file, ad nauseum.

    Instead of this, I would like to find a program where I can point to a FOLDER on my hard drive, and the program gives me a graphical representation of all the .wav files in that folder.

    I'm playing around with alert-sounds in Esignal and Trade-ideas, and perusing through all the .wav files on my hard drive is tiresome. Software such as this would be very helpful.

    Does anybody know of such an animal?

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  5. Perchance, nobody understood what you meant.
  6. Perhaps you are right. I thought I included a .gif file with my first post, but apparently not.

    Graphical representations of my .wav files would look like this:

    Except I don't want to go through each of my .wav files one-by-one. I want to see what a folder of .wav files looks like, in one fell swoop.

    Thanks for any suggestions,
    +-*/ Math_Wiz
  7. Use some program that creates macros....