graphic package that can be called from c++

Discussion in 'Programming' started by pepper_john, May 5, 2013.

  1. what graphic package do you use that can be linked to or called from a c++ program in a windows environment? I don't need a complicated one, in fact for me the simpler the better if it can do the 2D graphs. Thanks,
  2. vicirek


    If you are using Visual Studio and do not mind C++ in CLI/CLR mode then you have charting and drawing available as form(UI) control or you can design own graphics object using either bitmap or directly drawing on your surface of choice.

    You can create dll as well and reference in your projects but again it depends on the programming environment you want to use or are limited to.
  3. Thanks.
    I do use VS but want some high-level graphics package.
  4. has anyone called R graphics from C++?