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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pinkf64, Mar 6, 2006.

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    I'm looking to build a computer that should drive 4 Samsung 214T monitors (1600x1200).
    I'm using ASUS A8N-SLI DELUX with Athlon64 CPU 4200 DUal Core.
    I was offered to use 2 Dual head cards of Nvidia Geforce XFX 6600GT 256mb.
    Anyone familiar with this card ?
  2. If you want to computer for trading [only] recommed Nvidia Quadro NVS 280/285.... they won't have heat issues and no cheesy cooling fans.

    If you plan to game with the same machine, you'll want more horsepower in your video.
  3. just21


    What about the quadro nvs 440 that will drive 4 screens at 1920*1200 and is passively cooled?
  4. Quads are expensive, and there won't be any used NVS 440 PCIe cards for cheap on eBay any time soon.
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    Thanks a lot for the advise , guys. In my ignorance I thought that the 'Quadro' stands for support of 4 monitors, which I was reluctant to do in one card (lose all monitors in case the card goes down). Looked it up in Ebay, there is a huge price difference between used and a new card. Would you go for a used one?
    I also saw that the NVS 285 supports max 60 Hz refresh in case of digital 1600x1200. Is this any problem?
    Thanks again for your help,
  6. Personally, I'd go for used [cable included] so long as the seller (1) has a good positive feedback rating, and (2) guarantees "no DOA" for long enough to test the card.

    60Hz on LCD is fine. I run mine at that... in fact, if I try to run at higher refresh, I get a message about "60Hz is recommended".
  7. im using a PCIe 6600gt 128mb & a 5200 PCI 128mb to drive 4 LCD's
  8. While functional, that's *much* more video hosepower [and heat] than necessary for a trading rig.
  9. Neodude


    I have the XFX 128MB version of this card and I have it hooked up to 2 LCDS running in DVI mode, it works great, however I have heard that the 6600GT chip was not really designed to work with 256MB and thus some people have mentioned stability problems, mind you this is in reference to games and not other usage. It may have been fixed already with the latest drivers from nVidia.


    PS. This card is a power hog, make sure that your powersupply has enough amps coming to the 12 volt rail. I think you will need above 19amps for each card to run without problems.