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    Global Demand For The Engine Powering Our Tablets And Smartphones Is Forcing Graphene Prices Through The Roof! Act Today And 1,900% Profits Could Be Yours!

    The most critical ingredient in the lithium-ion battery isn't lithium - it's graphene. Demand for this mineral grows with every iPhone, Android or tablet sold - meaning electronics giants like Apple and
    Samsung can't get enough!

    Buy GRPH Now And Get In BEFORE the real Boom!

    Dear Fellow Investor:

    As sales of iPhone, iPads, Androids and tablets reach new record highs every month, demand for the miracle mineral that's powering them is soaring at an almost unimaginable rate...

    Manufactures like Apple and Samsung are aggressively buying Graphene wherever they can find it - the good news for us is...

    They're looking to companies like GRPH to meet that exponential demand.

    GRPH is perfectly positioned to fill that demand at a FAT premium.

    Getting into GRPH now, means getting in for the REAL boom in lithium-ion technology - buying GRPH now and companies with proven graphene reserves like it - could be your best shot at pocketing 1,900% profits in the short term...

    And gains far greater in the future.

    Can you imagine...

    A giant screen LED TV that's so light, thin, and flexible you can roll it up and take it to a friend's house to watch the Super Bowl.

    Solar panels that are 60% more efficient, finally fulfilling the promise of cheap, clean, renewable energy.

    SAFE nuclear power plants that can't overheat, can't melt down, can't contaminate or spread radiation!

    Drugs that target and kill cancer cells without harming a single healthy cell!

    Military gear, weapons, and clothing that are invisible!

    A satellite as big as a skyscraper that weighs no more than your patio barbecue!

    This isn't sci-fi. Or pie in the sky. Or flying high. But a rock-solid, down-to-earth, take-it-to-the-bank opportunity with enormous profit potential for investors who act today.

    Hi, I'm Martin Hannon, editor of The Strategic Growth Report, the newsletter for investors seeking fortune-making profits from little known companies with game changing products and market-dominant positions.

    That company is Graphite Corp (GRPH on the OTCQB), which is sitting on 3,800 prime graphite-rich acres in the best graphite producing region in America!

    A giant mountain of graphite so easy to mine
    you can scoop it out with bulldozers

    Graphite Corp's amazing graphite property has been described by geologists as a giant graphite mountain that peaks in thousands of acres in Clay county, Alabama.

    It's a property so big and rich in graphite that it'll probably take decades to mine it all out. And best of all, it contains dozens of former graphite mines, just waiting to be reopened (I'll explain why they were previously shuttered just ahead).

    And get this... GRPH is one of the few public graphite mining companies in America!

    Not only are they years ahead of any competitor that might soon enter the market, but they're poised to produce tens of thousands of tons of the high-grade flake graphite that fetches $2,500 to $3,000 per ton!

    Production could begin in just a year -- and it should be running at breakneck speed in 3 years -- just when graphite demand explodes!

    And that's why I'm convinced that investors acting on GRPH today could potentially get a 15 to 20-fold profit score, and that's before the inevitable buyout by a large mining firm!

    You can learn all about why I believe GRPH could be the best graphite pure-play today in my special report "How Graphite is Transforming the World and Making Investors a Fortune" by following the link below.


    Martin Hannon
    Editor, The Strategic Growth Report


    Is this a worthwhile speculation ?
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