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  1. Has anybody read the book "Trader's Edge" by Grant Noble?
    Specifically, I'm interested in his 20+ page chapter on trading off the Opening Price. Also, the book is geared towards Futures, can it also be applied to stocks?

    Thanks in advance.

    Lansing, MI
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    I did and no, it's really futures (e.g. Commitments of Traders Reports).

    When he recommends the use of inflation-adjusted and currency-adjusted charts for longer term analysis, it's OK for any market, but still, it's definitely futures-oriented (cf. intro).

    I didn't like his opening techniques very much, but I didn't test them. However, his focus on the opening was an important change for me (and I really got into it with Toby Crabel and Jim Dalton).

    Hope this helps!
  3. i have found his opening to be of most reliability. Of course use other indicators like market profile, overbought/oversold coming in combined with zone probablitlies and i usually enter a trade 90 seconds into open of the es. The best reward to risk trade that i have.