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  1. He'll beat all of them. Gauranteed. Bobby Fisher used to line up a dozen players when he was 15 and walk from one board to the next, never spending more than 30 secobnds on a move. Never lost.
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    Yup, and he was blindfolded to boot!
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    I tried to see Kasparov in NYC when he played blue junior but couldn't get tickets. Too bad he will be at NYSE, these days nyse is a fortress, they will probably not allow public viewing...

    hey, If you ever get tired of watching the mkt and are looking to play chess online ( which is my favorite pastime, while waiting for trades to develop), chessbase has the best online site, you can sign on as guest, and play for free with probably one of the strongest players on the net.
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    Growing up I use to idealize Fisher, what a great mind. He would wake up at 5AM while going to junior high and practice chess for two hrs every day, by age 13 no one could beat him.

    However I am sorry to see him turn into a nut in his later years, he now lives in south east Asia, has turned into a anti-semite and appears regularly on a radio sports talks show where he puts down US, Jews and actually applauded 911 attack as a act of bravery..
  5. is anyone trying to get access to this event ?

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    Any word on results?
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  8. nitro,

    thanks for the link. that would have been cool to attend.

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