Grand_Super_Cycle's blog entry from August 2010

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  1. Grand_Super_Cycle's blog entry from mid-August 2010 follows.
    This is a direct quote. When I posted this before, he refused to acknowledge it.

    " DOW and SP500 weekly charts Fri Aug 13 inclusive.

    The indexes continue to be pulled in opposing directions by the
    buyers and sellers – as exemplified by choppy price action and
    megaphone wedges. Daily charts are bearish to neutral.
    Weekly charts are bearish to neutral. Monthly charts are bearish
    to neutral.

    As mentioned earlier, weekly and monthly charts have been topping and basically going sideways since early May 2010. This topping process will cease and increased selling pressure and more bearish consensus should result in a more pronounced downtrend developing.

    EURUSD daily chart is bearish. Weekly chart is neutral. Monthly
    chart is bearish to neutral. The opposite applies for the Dollar
    Index so further USD upside is still expected.

    CRUDE OIL daily chart is neutral to bearish. Weekly chart is
    neutral. Monthly chart is neutral to bearish.

    COPPER daily chart is bearish to neutral. Weekly chart is neutral.
    Monthly chart is neutral. Copper long term charts have not been
    bullish for some time – warning what’s ahead for the global

    Unfortunately the March 2009 lows will be breached as long term
    trends remain bearish. "

    If this all sounds familiar its because he's been trotting out the exact same calls and advice over and over again now. What is important to note is immediately after his call, several of the items he was bearish on went on a huge bull run which would have wiped out any aggressive short trades.

    I'm only posting this again because he repeatably refuses to hold any accountability for his calls. And he repeats almost the same trade calls in almost every market condition. If anyone has the energy, try listing the value of all these various markets and commodities as of August 13th, 2010. Now see what they are valued at today. Note that he says that equity markets are topping, and that March 2009 lows will be breached. Sound familiar ?
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    You know what I can't bear is that whenever people question his threads or calls, he just call them "trolls"! I think this forum is about to present and discuss your views about the market instead of making personal attacks!
  3. " the sky is falling, the sky is falling........"
    sooner or much later, they sometimes get it right.

    calling markets is for retail idiots and talking heads with nice teeth.

    place a money bet on the direction with these clowns at the helm.
    howz that working out........?

    got his balls 2 the wall running a short trade without a stop.

    trollin' thru.......:)


  4. anyway we can ban small bicycle from this site..??
  5. Jan 14 2012

    Please provide evidence to substantiate your claim that analysis enclosed below was originally posted on my blog in August 2010.
    And you clearly don't understand that - it was then and remains now - general analysis and does not refer to any particular date.
    It is actually a reference to global asset deflation.
    You constantly confuse analysis with actual trades.
    You do realise there is a difference don't you ?
    Trades are posted only on my blog.

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    Cyclist, have you ever traded with real money at stake?
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    I swear to God that TILT2 is the only registered name that I have ever used on ET. Frankly speaking, I reallly think you need some help, go to see a psychiatrist.
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    You guys realize that I have similar issues with trading urinals. I have been able to spend less time being irritated on here and actually respond to the normal threads by just ignoring him. Bottom line is that you are fueling his posts by responding. If no one responds then he is talking to himself. He will have little reason to continue posting and just leave. Just STOP responding to him.

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