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  1. I do not believe in conspiracy theory. until now.

    After the end of the cold war, Bill Clinton won the presidency thanks to Ross Perot, Ross Perot drew 38% of his vote from Bush in 1992 election.

    Then, in 2000, his son won the presidency after losing the election. Bush jr Was put here illegally.

    In autumn 2008, Youtube shut down John McCain videos and officially support Barack Obama.

    the claim was Change.. But Change?

    The guy is talking about doing the same thing Bush did, Big Spending, Big brother government, Big wars, Big subside, Big Bailouts.. What Kind of Change Will Obama Give Us???.

    His gabinet is 90% the same Clinton/Bush years craps ...nothing new

    This maybe marketing.. But is weird. im not a religious guy, but this is not normal.

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  2. His gabinet is 90% the same Clinton/Bush years craps ...nothing new

    Imo, this is just for show. Like hanging a bunch of pictures from a museum on the wall. He isn't going to listen to any of these old heads. Obama is a young guy who I am sure is familiar with the "old" ways, he won't alienate anyone but on the flip side he is not going to dust off their ideas.

    He is in his element with the youth of this country. The old people are going to have to step back because they are going to get run over.