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  1. Garbage. where are the musicians?
  2. timcar


    Somehow I watched the start of the Grammy’s last night on CBS and right there was Lady Gaga dancing around and singing “Poker Face” and later performed with everyone’s favorite Elton John.

    You know I like the LADY GAGA she is good.

    How the Hell did Stephen Colbert win for Comedy Album of the year over my main man George Lopez. Where is the recount?
  3. Why in hell does anyone watch any of these garbage award shows?
  4. mostly a freak show.
  5. Jeff Beck was there so I monitored the happenings, Kneejerk.

  6. WTF were you watchin' playa-hater? Eminem was fly.. hate the game, not the playa.

    Snoop Rennick out :cool:

  7. He is finally getting the recognition he deserves this last decade.
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    id fuck a freak!

    (but yes, the music is shitty these days - apart from ms gaga - but i wouldnt buy it)